Massive webbing!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BBear, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Fooking hell, how much stuff do guys have to bloody carry in their belt kit? I thought it was rounds, water, bit of scoff, maybe some socks, mine kit and the like. So 2 ammo pouches and 3 water bottle ones. Just saw 2 guys at Brum new street with these massive jobbies! (I only pinged them because, despite thier deployment bags, they had the words supply of cam kit on!)

    L to R

    Double ammo pouch
    Single ammo pouch
    3x WB pouch
    2x Utility pouch

    Bayonet horizontal on bottom of yoke.

    I think they were airbourne guys, due to scrimmed up lids. I can't work out any reason why you'd have that much shite on your belt kit, if it just a fashion parade or what?
  2. There a some companies i.e. Dragon, Troopers & JayJays who manufacture taylor made webbing, If the guys where Para Regt/Airbourne then it's probably Dragon/Troopers both in Colchester.

  3. Saw a female at Keogh with L&R double ammo pouches and six other utility/water bottle pouches. Yes 6 I counted them twice...
  4. Was that because of her massive arrse? I don't even think I could fit 8 puches on my belt at all, let alone get prone in that!

    T C
  5. i have 3 utility pouches and one small arktis pouch on my kit and offen think that its too much ! but 6 utility! her arse must have been huge!
  6. Horses for courses. I have a single ammo pouch with my ammo, morphine and tourniquette.
  7. I have 4 waterbottle/utility pouches, and an old ALICE canteen pouch I picked up for the waterbottle squeezed around the back, and a double ammo each side. This may seem to much, but it all fits fine, and if I want to travel lighter, then I just leave one of the pouches empty. This means I'm never stuck about what I can and can't carry. Get given more ammo, just use one of the spare pouches round the back and so on etc...

    I know what your thinking, and the answer is no, I'm not some fat 20 stone cnut. I just use a thick hippo pad to increase the space on the belt, and I wear the webbing pretty low around my waist.
  8. That doesnt mean sod all these days, tons of people of the regular persuasion do that now.
  9. not a web set from these guys is it ?

    Dragon Supplies
  10. I my opinion, belt kit is down to the individual. Depending on the size of a person’s waist, you can carry as many or as few pouches as required for the task.

    I have a tailored set of webbing, I only carry one double ammo pouch with a utility pouch on the opposite side, I then have another 4 water/utility pouches making up the remainder of the set. All stitched onto a hippo pad with a roll pin belt. My bayonet frog fits onto loops that are stitched onto the utility pouch next to my ammo pouch. Does me fine.

    However, on Telic 1, I went out with a full set of belt kit, but soon stripped it down to an ammo pouch, water bottle pouch and resi pouch. Again this suited my needs.

    Paradoxically, in NI if I was in vehicles I would use a chest rig, when on foot I preferred belt kit.


  11. Nice link Concrete, but THIS stuff is the dogs böllocks :lol:
  12. Been down to their hanger in the Severalls Industrial estate here in Colchester and they have some good sets for around £120 or will tailor your issued webbing for around £80 and tailor on site. Im a tight fisted sod so look like a hillbilly when Im carrying mine round but prefer a chest rig when in armoured vehicles stuffed with my mars bars.
  13. Joking aside, 58 webbing was great in it's day.

    I had a set that was 2 ammo pouches, 4 water botlle pouches all sewn together and painted DPM with my bum roll on top and a roll pin belt.

    It was the dogs nuts (until i got wet and you couldn't get anything out of the pouches!).

  14. HM Supplies in Aldershot will tailor and modify your existing belt kit to your spec for around £50 depending on what you want doing.

  15. Yep and somehow it was always soaked wet through on a range day when you were trying to do a fast mag change. Emphasis on "trying" :D