Massive Solar Storm to hit us today.. No duff.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. The BBC are now reporting that a major Solar storm is to hit the earth today between 06.00 - 10.00 hrs GMT.

    Experts warn it could disrupt power grids, satellite navigations systems and plane routes.

    Link ... BBC News - Fears of disruption as big solar storm set to hit Earth

    Lets just pray that it is not the microchip frying type! :)
  2. Thanks for the heads up, my tinfoil hat is well and truly doffed.
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  3. Will it affect coffee perculators?
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  4. This is how it starts! 1st all the electric goes down, then the zombies appear.

    Start nailing crooked planks of wood against all the windows. Stock up on water, bread, cheese and Strongbow. Then don't forget your old jam jars to piss into.

  5. This explains why my voices have been telling me to stock up on ammo and keep all the guns clean.
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  6. My extensive zombie fighting experience (gained on Call of Duty) has taught me that nailing wood to the windows is ineffective as they simply rip it off.

    You are better buying a pump action shotgun and a truckload of ammo, sit opposite a doorway and just paste the ******* as they come through it.
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  7. All these disruptive factors are quite the normal here in India, signals are always crap, electricity goes off at least 7 times every day, Skype is a joke, water is polluted and in places only available for an hour or so every day. 6 months every year temp 33 Deg min, no rain, other 6 months, pisses down about 12 hours every day.

    Solar flares? No problem, Bring them in!
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  8. Only in this case the Zombie opened the thread!
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  9. Who's this electric thing that's going to go down on all of us? Do I have to make a booking?
  10. Flares are back, damn I threw all mine away! I've still got a bri-nylon shirt and my frog smasher shoes in oxblood and green snakeskin though.......
  11. I think that Pitswamper means tinfoil hat donned. Doffed would mean that the hat would be of no use. Not that it will help anyway. The neutrons, xrays and gamma rays will go straigth through us. We're all doomed!
  12. So, if we're****ed is it ok to have a smoke and watch the end unravel?
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  13. I think I can feel it now.....No wait it's wind.
  14. I can confirm, just had a smoke on the back step, it's 2045 (NZ time) here, full moon, darkness setting in, not a cloud in the sky and a lovely unblemished view over the Pacific ocean....... **** all's happening in the sky.