Massive police presence at Wootton Basset at moment?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by dangerousdave, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Unconfirmed rumours on the net that Islam4UK are on route in coaches to WB. Talk of heavy police activity in WB.

    Can anyone confirm this here, or is anyone living there that can give us an update?? :?
  2. Just found this statement on EDL website>

    Islam4UK are on their way to Wootton Bassett

    Police have confirmed that Islam4UK are on their way to Wootton Bassett now (12:00 10th Jan)

    Lots of chatter on Facebook too talking of media blackout and police denying anything, but police are out in heavy numbers?
  3. Ding Ding! Take your seats ladies and gents for the first round!
  4. I have no idea whats happening in Wooton Basset and I'm not convinced enough this is genuine to phone friends I have living there.

    I did like the EDL's offer on their website to pay for Choudray to move to Saudi though :D
  5. Can we tap into the cctv? Too cold to be going up there to watch.
  6. Jag,I never thought of that!
  7. Was a good idea but see my edit, the camera image shows 27th of December, looking for another one though
  8. CCTV pic not updaed since 27 dec 09
  9. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Just out of interest, anyone seen who it was who allowed the cam to be put in his premises? a Mr Chowdhury ....
  10. The police are out in huge numbers as there have been several reports that Lord Lucan, Osama Bin Laden, James Shortt, Chubb and the recently escaped Nat West 3 are all meeting for lunch there today.

    Myself, citizens like those who were recently in court in Luton are beneath contempt. We should NOT be giving them the oxygen of publicity, even being seen to be rising to the bait.

    At a more practical level I can only hope that Witshire's finest are able to pass the details of any protesters that turn up for real, over to the UK Immigration Service who will be asked to review the protester's right of abode in UK.

    IMHO that is probably the most practical thing we can hope to get done.

    Cue more subjective invective........
  11. This doesn't make sense.

    According to todays News of the World, this 'Islam 4 UK' lot are to be banned this week.

    And now we hear the Police are helping a demo by this group ?
  12. So who's better? The Islamic gobshites or the skinheads?

  13. Err...would'nt Islam4UK be breaking the law by just turning up out of the blue? I thought they had to apply for and be granted permission to march.

    If they have decided to just rock up and march, I hope Plod nick every last one of them. :evil:

    But I'm not going to hold my breath... :roll:
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