Massive pay reduction on transfer

Hi all

I recently transfered within the RLC from lcpl pioneer to lcpl Supplier, when i submitted my transfer i was told i would receive marked time rates of pay for two years (verbally).
I then completed my transfer and my pay was changed straight away from high band lvl 6 to low band lvl 6 which is less money than i was on as a private soldier (lvl 7 low band) and i have recently been told i was not entitled to mark time rates of pay and that the lvl i was placed on is correct in regulations. Is there anyone who could assist me with this as im now also saddled with a large debt because it took the army 6 months to alter my pay and im not recieveing alot of support from my regiment.

If anyone could give me some advice and guidence on this i could really benefit.
JSP 754 covers this:

"Transfers from Higher to Lower Range

03.1108. Where an individual transfers from a trade paid from the higher
range to one paid from the lower range the individual may retain the rate of
pay in issue on a Mark Time Rate of Pay (MTRP) basis (see Section 1). The
entitlement to a MTRP applies only where the individual changes trade for:

a. Medical reasons outside their control;

b. Service reasons (not as a result of inefficiency or unsuitability);

c. In response to a Service request for volunteers to change trade
or for other manning considerations to aid retention."

If you have chosen to move from pioneer to supplier for your own personal reasons then MTRP would not apply for the usual 2 years, in which case the following applies:

"03.1111. Service Manning Branches will notify individuals of the
appropriate period of pay protection. At the end of this period, the individual’s
pay is to be aligned with their time in rank and qualifications held with no
eligibility to pay in the higher pay range.

03.1112. When an individual is not entitled to an MTRP, they are to be
paid at the new lower rate from the date of transfer, this being the date of
qualification in the new lower banded branch or trade."

So if this is the case, and MTRP does not apply, they should recognise the fact that you were on lower level 7 as a pte before promotion to lcpl (and movement onto the higher pay range) and place you back on the lower scale on a level at least 2% above your earlier pay level as pte to reflect your promotion. You will still have the debt given the overpayment in recent months, but when the dust settles you should not be getting paid less as a lcpl than you previously got paid as a pte.

I suggest you speak again to the HR admin and if no joy raise a query through JPA i-support.

i am in desperte need of advice, as my psf staff have not got a clue.

I transferred from the Army to the RAF after 10 and half years, this year and was told i would MTRP for 2 years after this i would be paid on my RAF senority my rank at the time and trade and may have a loss in pay.

I hve retraded from admin to being a mover and was on level 6 of 7 higher band Cpl pay. I have been informed from my psf staff that i may go down to level 2 of 9 on sac rate. Surely this is wrong, this would mean i would lose nearly 15k a year.

Help urgently needed as i would rather take my 12 year money and run
was told ... after this i would be paid on my RAF senority my rank at the time and trade and may have a loss in pay.

Surely this is wrong, this would mean i would lose nearly 15k a year.
It appears to be entirely consistent with what you were told at the time of transfer. Not nice but consistent.

Although, frankly, coming on here, actually admitting to being a Mover and still expecting help or sympathy? Please.

I see you have had some advice already elsewhere, not all of it helpful.

The only thing I would add is that, assuming there was no break in service between you leaving green admin and joining RAF movements (or at least not more than 30 days), then your military service is judged continuous and so your previous Army service should count now for calculating pay in your new RAF rank. Therefore being placed on SAC level 2 of 9 seems wrong and you may actually have a case for being at or near the top of the SAC pay range depending on the number of army years that are judged to count (probably all your years at LCpl and Cpl plus the last 2 at SAC). You cannot get any higher than the top of SAC pay, assuming you have volunteered to transfer service and take a drop in rank in doing so, but your army years cannot be ignored where service is continuous. If the service was not continuous then you may be up shit creek.

I would suggest you ask SPVA JPAC via i-Support whether your pay level was set correctly on transfer and lodge casework with the JPA PACC if you don't get any joy.
I think this is now my favourite sub-forum.

Ok quick question for you JPA-ninjas...

A mate (genuinely a mate, not me) has a bunch of TA quals (Para trained etc.) but is looking at an FTRS with a non-airborne regular unit. Would his pay be reduced to a standard Private soldier or would he keep para pay (or Cdo/SF pay) for the duration of his FTRS?


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