Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. Its hard to imagine a bomb the size of 30,000 pounds of high explosive . I have only seen pictures of what a two thousand pound bomb can do.

  2. The US has been working on 'conventional' deep-penetration weapons for years now, primarily to deal with the North Korea/Iran nuke programmes. The only alternative was just too much to contemplate, even for the Bush administration, but it appears that the conventional route may have worked, as efforts for deep-penetrating nukes have now (AFAIK) been terminated.
  3. I was going to say the idea sounded familiar and then I saw this pic at the bottom of the linked page.

  4. There is nothing new under the sun, and the US follows the UK yet again :D


    We were dropping 12,000lbs on Adolf's little pixies back in 19longtime.

    GRANDSLAM contained 9,000 of Torpex, guaranteed to ruin some goose-steppers day.
  5. That 30,000 pound bomb is half the yield of the first atomic bomb. Its a sobering thought.
  6. Heh, penetrator.

  7. neo_con,

    the first atomic bomb (the trinity test) was the equivelant of approximately 20,000 TONS of TNT. The was the same design as the bomb dropped on nagasaki.

    the first bomb used in anger (on hiroshima) was the "little boy". this had an equivalent yield of 15,000 tons of TNT.

    Also, according to the above info, there is only 6,000lb of explosive. the rest will be a heavy and very hard nose to get the bomb through the concrete, so the device can explode IN the bunker.

    There was talk of developing a nuclear "bunker buster". Due to political considerations, the US congress (IIRC) stopped its development.


    edited for unit consistency!
  8. Ah a beautiful pic, one of those could and often did granulate an entire Berlin City block. Also it should be noted that when the US President annonced to the US public the dropping of the A Bomb he compared it as being bigger than the 'British Grandslam'. Which indicates that it was well known in the US.
  9. You sure about that? From what I’ve read 617 Sqdrn was very careful about where they dropped those things, as they where as rare as hens teeth, and 617 was Very accurate with SABS.

    Anyone got any pictures of that Crater left at the Tunnel of the first Tallboy raid? Now thats impressive!
  10. Listy, you are correct - the Main Force Bombers would regularly drop 8000 lb "blockbusters" or "cookies" on their raids, along with incendaries. These were little more than dustbins full of TNT. The idea was that the cookies would open up houses and the incendaries would set fire to the wreckage. See Dresden/Hamburg/Cologne for when it worked.

    The supply of Tallboys and Grand Slams was very carefully husbanded and used on special targets only.
  11. OK then I was making it up I freely admit
  12. The Grand Slam is actually very relevant to the role envisaged for this MOP toy... One of its roles was to take out targets like bridges and tunnels by shaking them to bits as a result of delayed initiation after it had penetrated the ground (went supersonic on the way down, IIRC). I'd imagine that, if we could find a spare one tucked away somewhere, and drop it in the middle of an Afghan cave complex, it'd do quite a good job of making sure everyone inside never saw the light of day again. Meanwhile, some 'MOABs' above ground to deafen everyone within a few square miles, and bob's yer uncle..
  13. The clever bit of the Grandslam was that the tail fins were angled slightly to get the thing to spin, therefore allowing the kinetic energy of the thing to corkscrew it's way into the target.

    I wouldn't fancy being anywhere near either of the buggers above or below ground!
  14. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    . . . but no nuclear fallout . . . .unless you hit the wrong kind of target . . . . :D
  15. Does anyone know what actually happens if you bomb a operating nuclear reactor?