Massive Ordinance Penetrator

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. DoD has recently asked permission to reallocate funding for a number of programs from these programs:
    To these programs:
    The line that stood out was $12 million for Massive Ordnance Penetrator.
    The MOP is designed to go deeper than any nuclear device to take out a bunker. The idea is to render a bunker unusable rather than to totally destroy it. This munition is intended to take out 25% of a bunker. It is a 30,000 pound weapon. It is expected to penetrate 60 meters of concrete/earth.
  2. That line stood out for me, too.

    They managed to spell ordnance correctly.
  3. So the MOP is over 60m long and it's made from solid Tungsten or DU? What aircraft can carry that weapon? I mean, if it isn't, to go that deep it will have to defy the laws of physics.
  4. *cough* Check again........

    So try B52 and B2 but NOT B1....
  6. Some of that info is out of date, the LCS program has just been cancelled no?
  7. The Grand Slam was 305 inches in length, could it only penetrate 305 inches? If they chopped the tail off would it penetrate that much less or is it as much to do with shape and weight? I admit to not knowing the laws of physics pertaining to deep penetration weapons (and may not understand) and so would appreciate a simplified run down of tthe science involved
  8. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I note dependent on the B-52 or B-2 for carriage.
    Air supremacy required for the Buff, but high risk environment needs B-2.
    Ideal for "Middle East" targets and those in mountainous areas?
    Who is the enemy?

    Answers on a postcard to:
    Anti-Arab Office
    The Pentagon
    Washington DC

    [Zip-Code suppressed for Sy reasons]
  9. Even in WW2 the massive 'Grand Slam' bomb could penetrate over 120 feet into the ground although admittedly not through Concrete, which I think is the intent of this weapon.
  10. Grand Slam was 26' 6" long at was able to penetrate (just) the 23' thick jerry-built (slave-labour) U-boat pens near Bremen.

    MOP is said to be 20' long and well probably be able to penetrate a little better than Grand Slam.

    The 200' (60m) penetration depth claimed assumes sub-standard concrete and earth mix. The claim for high quality solid re-enforced concrete or hard rock is 25'.

    The claim for the BLU-113 (GBU-28 and GBU-37) is 20' of quality concrete or hard rock. In 1999, the US dropped 6 on Serbia. They never got deeper than 7'!!!!

    Go figure.

    Here's why: Penetration Equations and Long Rod Theory II and Long Rod Theory I

    And here's something a little less technical for you to get your information up to speed: Long-Rod Penetration is on page 4.
  11. Reading Wikipedia it does seem that Tallboy and Grand Slam weren't designed to penerate concrete, Barnes Wallis intended the bombs to penerate the ground near to the target building and shake it to pieces, rending the target useless. At the time a bloody good idea since bomb accuracy from height wasn't that hot!

    However, when you drop a 12,000lb device from 20,000ft that reaches a terminal speed of 2,500 mph with over half the weight made up from a high tensile steel case in a nicely shaped form, you are going to make a mess!

    Have a look at and
  12. There are plans afoot to launch tungsten rods from space as kinetic massive penetrators. I'm no ballistics expert, but a 20ft tungsten rod travelling at 12000 FPS is going to deliver some phenomenal energy.

    Snapshots of U.S. space weapons envisioned or under development:

    'Rods from God'

    In April, within 15 minutes of receiving a report that Saddam Hussein had entered a restaurant in Baghdad, a B-1B bomber dropped four 2,000-pound satellite-guided bombs on the place.

    It now appears Saddam slipped out of the building by a secret exit. But if one space-based weapon now being researched had been orbiting above Iraq -- and had worked as envisioned -- Saddam almost certainly wouldn't have got away.

    Colloquially called "Rods from God," this weapon would consist of orbiting platforms stocked with tungsten rods perhaps 20 feet long and one foot in diameter that could be satellite-guided to targets anywhere on Earth within minutes. Accurate within about 25 feet, they would strike at speeds upwards of 12,000 feet per second, enough to destroy even hardened bunkers several stories underground.

    No explosives would be needed. The speed and weight of the rods would lend them all the force they need.

    This principle was applied in Iraq to destroy tanks that Saddam's forces shielded near mosques, schools or hospitals. U.S. aviators used concrete practice bombs.

    Jerry Pournelle, a science writer and chairman of the Citizens Advisory Council on National Space Policy, came up with the idea, which he originally named "Thor" after the Norse god of thunder. The Pentagon won't say how far along the project, or variants of the idea, may be in development.
  13. Your bold.

    Had a flicker on the Wah-ometer just then, but have you ever thrown a pebble on a beach into the sand? Goes a touch deeper than it's length, doesn't it?

    Your sir, are defying the laws of physics, not the other way round!
  14. How many Iranian nuclear facilities are buried under nice soft sand?

    How 'deep' does your hypothetical pebble penetrate reinforced concrete.

    Theory suggests that a specially designed and hardened weapon can reach a depth TEN times its length in the most favourable conditions. Against well-constructed reinforced concrete and/or hard rock, same weapons are not quite managing their own length!

    MOP at 20' length might penetrate 15' of deliberately buried facility in practise. They only claim 25' FFS!