Massive LOA cut in BFG

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by bullshit, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. I heard that LOA is to be cut big time, however it has nothing to do with exchange rates. The figure I heard was 50%. Any more on this heard?
  2. It is partly true... firstly there is to be a cut of around 20% in LOA for married accompamied soldiers throughout the world based on babysitting hours being reduced wef 1 Oct. what relevance a minor reduction in babysitting has to a 20% cut I do not know, it also applies to those without kids, work that one out. Singleys are of course not affected by this, and are having their LOA slightly raised (1-3%). There is also a review in Germany in mid Jun which could result in another cut, a team from the MOD will visit a number of units and conduct briefings/forums etc.

    Don't let the team kid you, this is a treasurer driven matter, the MOD has been told to make cuts and the Powers that be in the MOD have identified LOA as a good cost saving measure.

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  3. Coz let's face it's not like were scrabbling around to find a few euros to keep the wolf from the door over here. Nobody forces us to smoke fags at 50p a packet, buy a crate of Grolsch for under £11 or to drive anywhere in our tax-free, Nato-discounted cars. Should we run low on fuel, we don't have to fill up for 30p a litre, nor do we have to get 13% off our weekly shopping bill by doing it in the local cash and carry. Should our quarter be looking a bit shabby we can always pop to IKEA and get 13% off prices that are already cheaper than the UK anyway.
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Perhaps true but remember many of those "perks" are simply international tax law breaks applicable to everyone that bothers with them and not just servicemen. This mob needs no help in taking money off the services in any form, be it equip, housing or LOA. Let's not give them any help here.
  5. Hate to be pedantic but the tax-free status we have in Germany is due to the Status of Forces Agreement we have with the German Government. It allows tax free purchases for all members of BFG. Nothing to do with NATO. Boothy, a man of your rank and time served should have known that..... therefore, you must be a crow.
  6. What would a Lcpl with a wife and kid get over there? (loa)
  7. I think what he is saying is that we get tax-free status yes, but we also get NATO discount on cars etc. I know for a fact that according to Article V of the Paris Protocol and the Memorandum of Understanding that any member of a NATO Headquarters (ie the ARRC in germany) is to be issued a NATO ID card. With this card the person can get a nice (15% I think it was) extra discount off BMW (used to be Merc too but I think they stopped it) as they have a deal with NATO to give Diplomatic Discount.