Massive internet fibbers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. We've had our fair share of internet big timers, story tellers and taler maker uppers on this site, in fact I think we have a nucleus of some of the biggest bluffers and porky pie tellers in all of cyber space

    This threads dedicated to those of you, who on leaving the nightclub decked five doormen because they laughed at your Regimental cufflinks and dissed a tramp.

    Its also for those who shagged mother, daugher combos and twin sisters on the back seat of their dads Morris Marina while he changed the tyres.

    Its for Johnny Two shedders, who no matter what you've done have done better. The chap who you told 'I went up Helvelyn at weekend', only to get the response 'I got weathered in on K2'

    Aimed at people who know every cnut..... You say you saw Marlon from Emmerdale in Leeds whilst out with you ladyfriend, they ended up Running over Brian May after leaving Floyd Mayweathers house for breakfast.

    We all know the sort, none of them lead normal lives, everytime their front door opens trouble hits them square in the jaw. If its not trouble thats knocking its an Avon Lady who wants to shag them. Come on fibbers tell us your yarns here.

    Tell us how an ordinary day can turn into an ordeal involving three police forces and otter and a machine gun. Tell us how a journey to work ends up in international espionage.... Brief us on how a trip to Tesco's finished up with you in the cells with Dot Cotton and Brian Blessed.

    In your own time....... tell lies.
  2. I once understood what old goat and josey wales posted about......beat that
  3. I once laughed at a Scrofula post.
  4. I once read a completely unbiased, intelligently argued post by Sven.
  5. Ark-angel is a bit of a 'johnny two sheds' isn't he?
  6. I got invited back to MDN's one night, he seemed like a nice chap, he showed me that fun & frolick can be in the same sentence. Oh what a laugh we had, giggles & titters all around. His taste in wine was a bit queer and a bit fruity to be honest, the rohypnol gave it a slight after taste, but not so bad that I couldn't sip it down. The music was a bit challenging, an eclectic mix of grunge, heavy metal, and Donny Osmond. I remember listening to............................................................
  7. I have over 200 interweb friends.
    For some reason they're all called Chubb, which is really spooky.
  8. I used to be in the SAS,can't say too much,transferred there from the SBS,bunch of pussies,took the fookin lot of em on one night in the bar ,dropped em all within five minutes.My neighbour said he was buyin an elephant,had a look in me garage,got him a bag to put it in.
    Won the top prize in the lottery yesterday,gave it all away at the pub at lunchtime,still got loads left over from last weekends win,didn't need any more.

    Gotta go,four birds have just come in and said they want to shag me all at the same time.
  9. got him a bag to put it in.

    Fcukin liar

    - nobody has a bag that big. :x
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Phillias Fog went on his round the world trip in 80 days the same time as me
    Imagine his suprise when he returned home after 80 days to find I had done it in 79
    Not only that I was in bed with his mother,wife and two daughters
    I'd wiped my dick on his curtains, drunk his beer and p1ssed in his wardrobe

    Once I'd left I decked a doorman,slotted a couple of rag heads awarded my self a VC,sh1t on a roadside shrine,told the RSM to go and get fukced and he just laughed caz everone bricks it when I come in
    Went on the net declared the RAF Regiment the nations premier infantry force and agreed with all of Svens post's

    Honest no duff :wink:

  11. You appear to have missed out the stories of the steely-eyed air gunners in your list.

    No need to thank me.
  12. Now that's a qualified fibber.
  13. Aww crap ! So that doesnt realy happen, damm I've holding on to that dream for so long, so so long :cry:

  14. on a section eros eating competition on a cold wet glencoarse ranges on a sunday morning I upped the anti and ate a full ammo box full of 7.62 tracer... farted and shot some poor cnut passing on his bike...

    got a new bike out of it tho