Massive Explosion in Dundee

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Details to follow , lots of Blue light in attendance , bits of Factory still falling , Flames 50' + in the air.
  2. Do you have a link PTP?


    Taken from apprximately a mile away , in a factory area. Can't scale with the film I'm looking at, but big. Now wondering if that's a building or a crash.
  4. Nothing being reported on the wire services as yet. Any idea what time this was supposed to have occurred? If it was a major event, surely the news services (at least the jockanese ones) would have picked it up by now.

    btw, what is that woman talking about cash machines for? Listen very carefully, near the end of the video...

  5. I think it's near the site of NCR cash machines in Dundee

    Now it looks like it's a big explosion in a Garage/Truck stop behind NCR. No reports on casualties as yet.
  6. At the bottom of the page the tags for that video are listed as Dundee, factory and fire
  7. posted at 1646, thought we would have heard something on the news by now
  8. Ok, National Cash Registers factory (or near there). now makes sense!!

    As to why no-one is reporting it yet (not even made local news) - very good question. Old footage, recently posted?

    don't remember many big fires in Dundee, though. Certainly not at NCR.

  9. To dark for 1646.....

  10. Hence my thought of "old footage, just posted recently"
  11. Didn't I have this discussion regarding a certain Tornado?

    Anyhoo , may be something on the Scots news presently.
  12. PTP source?

    Did you stumble on it?

    Not like you...... You're mister on top of the news! Do your stuff!

  13. You broke wind and created that bloody tornado! Just admit it!

  14. Right just had a wander down there. Don't know exactly what's happened yet but it was at a truck stop next door to NCR. One of the lorries (possibly more) has exploded, not much left of it. Doesn't appear to be wide spread as there are lorries about 25 metres away with the drivers still in them. Police are questioning them now.