Massive Earthquake hits the Solomons.

God bless im... the big fat c*nt! Don't look forward to cleaning up any of that shite again!!! Feel sorry for the townsfolk, but come on... move away... :?
Guess what - red tape gets in the way again! We're sat here in Honiara waiting for the nod, but thecoppers think they can handle it.
I heard they issued a warning for the east coast of Oz about this. They are such a bunch of w@nkers over there. What did the massive "Tsunami that almost ate Sydney" end up coming in at? 5cm? 10cm? :lol:
Nothing came anywhere close to Aus - especially Sydney, lucky they cancelled the ferries though!
Pretty big around these parts though - anything else was just a needless flap. Very Australian.
down_under said:
We'll have to bring the chocko's home; can't have them getting hurt. :D
Well funnily enough our COY logo is a Koala...not to be shot at or exported. :)

The logo was the formation sign for the 3rd Division from WW2, which contained the same 2 battalions that the COY here now are drawn from.

The chockos are actually pretty well qualified for this sort of thing...chippies, plumbers, sparkies, nurses...exactly the sort of thing that is needed here.

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