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Massive Earthquake Hits Japan *Merged*

The footage is from Sendai, probably the worst affected area. Scary stuff! Airport is less than 1km from the sea, flat round there, mountains further west. Used to be prone to flooding.

I think there may have been a smaller earthquake the day before yesterday, localised, further north. These are common.

For the big ones, like this, it's not a case of 'if' but 'when'.
Tsunami (sp) warnings are as wide spread as Russia, Australia and The West Coast of the US. The Tsunami is due to hit the Phillippines about now. I know we get frustrated at times with things in this country, but we at least don't suffer such terrible natural disasters.

Indeed, but I pray daily for a Tsunami to hit Sheerness.
taiwan seems to have escaped something to do with the subsea terrain.
Japans farming much like swiss farming is expensive hobby farms so no real loss to feeding japan.
poor barstards but the japanese who survive will be ok


War Hero
The big problem with this even though Japan is well prepared is that it has a stupidly high pouplation density . Im sure not everyone got out in time and I can just see that casualty count rising and rising I mean it stands at 32 now.

Alos one of the nuclear plants it on fire . If the Japanese can control that and ensure there are no radiation leaks then the pro nuclear lobby will have a field day.
US Marines evacuated residents near Camps Foster, Kinser, Lester on Okinawa to high ground. 7th Fleet HQ at Yokosuka Naval base sorties, CTF72 in Misawa evacuated, CTF76 Amphib on Okinawa evacuated to Kadena AB, Guam on full alert.
Dont worry too much about the nuclear power stations going up.....they are used to it.

I havent seen a report on it yet but i bet Sakhalin island took a battering.

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