Massive earthquake (6.4) in California during 4 July celebrations

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Another stronger earthquake struck California tonight close to the area affected yesterday. This one was significantly more powerful, a 7.1me as yesterdays 6.4me quake. The quake struck about 8:21PM local time (counting fingers that is about 0321 Zulu) so it was getting dark. A number of fires caused by broken gas mains in the town most affected.
The US Navy was surveying for damage on Naval Weapons Station China Lake which is in the area. A large base (1,100,000 acres, 1700+ square miles) they have to be careful as there is often unexploded ordinance on the ranges. The Navy is usually careful around unexploded ordinance.
Los Angeles is about 150 miles South West of the epicenter but I talked to a friend in LA and he said it was the worst shaking he has felt since the Northridge quake a number of years ago. My son lives in LA but he is in Massachusetts with his girlfriend for a friends wedding this weekend.
I watched a briefing from the California emergency operations center. One thing that impressed me was that nothing was heard from any politicians. All speakers were heads of the relevant state agencies (Police, CalFire, National Guard, Highways, Health etc).
Another interesting thing was that from the terminology they were using they clearly are using NIMS for their work. The National Incident Management System was created during the G.W. Bush administration, after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, to ensure that incident command and response plans are fairly standard so that for major disasters all the federal agencies will find themselves working in a command structure they are familiar with and the agencies will work smoothly together. It takes some training but it is worth it and it works.
There was a bit of coverage on the BBC this morning and it’s gratifying to hear that lessons have been learned from past disasters. Now, if I was into trend analysis...


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I liked how the BBC video of the US news room showed the woman grabbing the arm of her male counterpart for reassurance and strength in a time of crisis. Ignoring the fact he's clearly a big whoopsie, I imagine feminists frothing over that sign of weakness and the success of the make patriarchy.

Second thoughts ..... Maybe she was trying to reassure him.... Hmmm
The good news is that my California properties, are undamaged. The bad news is that they are still not beach front as of yet. The earthquakes unfortunately missed my brother as well.

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