MASSIVE CMT waiting time

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by parabol, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. For the last few months I've always had my mind set on going in as CMT(Combat Medical Technician). I finish college around June time (I'm finishing my Public Services course) and was hoping to go straight in.

    I passed my BARB test, literacy and numeracy test with flying colours. The sergeant then proceeded to show me what jobs I'm eligible for and I was in for a nasty surprise for combat medical technician, it says on the sheet;

    - Vacancies this period: 0
    - Vacancies next period: 0
    - Next Vacancy: 05/10/09

    Wow, October thats a while. It MASSIVELY giants the other jobs waiting lists. Most jobs with waiting lists are late January, February, no later than April then BOOM, October for CMT. I couldn't imagine it being so popular. The sergeant told me it could even be early next year to start training as a CMT. He then briskly handed me some engineering books and I think he was slyly trying to hint to me to reconsider down that path.

    Can anybody tell me how solid these stats are and why it is giants every other waiting list massively? I'm more interested in the medical area than others, and my qualifications are pretty decent and I've been tempted to perhaps go for ODP (Operating Department Practitioner). You get paid to go to uni, good promotional aspects, good wage. But at the end of the day I think I need more action than that job. But then, I barely know much at all about either job.

    The Sergeant emphasized to me that I can remain as CMT, but with such a MASSIVE waiting list I'm not too sure. Greatly confused at the moment.
  2. Is he a royal engineer by any chance? If you have your heart set on CMT then a little wait is nothing, it will fly by. Engineers and CMT's are completely diffent trades so make sure you choose one u will like and stick one
  3. if you really want it mate wait i passed selelction in sept and my start date is june, i started the application about may/june 08 i'm waiting for cmt cos its what i wanna do my rec sgt has tried getting me to change my mind but i have held firm. but its up to you at the end of the day ;) good luck with the rest of the application
  4. Possibly, either that or the Army is having a shortage of Engineers!

    I have a pre-selection day next week. The Army are giving me a bursary of £2,000 for finishing college! So I have to pass this to show I'm worthy of their money pretty much. And apparently the Sergeant down there who I'll be speaking with is an Engineer of some sort so I imagine he may be a bit biased too, haha..

    But I'm 20 year olds, if I wait till next year (which is unimaginable at the moment) I'll be 21 and to be honest I feel like I'm rotting away here on civi street. I couldn't bare working my crappy part-time job and bumming around for another year killing time. So much so that I'd be willing to take an alternative job. Like I said the ODP job looks real interesting, gets you good qualifications, good wage etc but then will it feed my ambition? I need some action! Hmm.. it's a tricky one.

    Honestly it's baffling why there is such a long waiting list though. If there was a way in earlier I'd jump at the chance.
  5. i'm 21 and will be nearly 22 when i get to basic mate whats that compared to a possible 22 years in the army?
  6. Well you do get good qualifications out of both and the pay is basically the same (i think). Even if you dont like your job just motivate yourself by thinking you will be a CMT in a few months time and i will be saving people lives. You never know though you might get put in suddenly, so just wait it out if you really want CMT. And the CO's tend to be quite biased. Learn abit more about each job then decide.
  7. Thought about volunteering as an adult instructor at your local army cadets to get started?
  8. I'll be seeing my careers adviser again next week. I'll ask him if the waiting time is definite, if so I think I'd like to go ODP. I'm interested in both equally to be honest, I just lack knowledge in both professions so I can't really make an intelligent judgment, I can only assume.

    But then, I hope ODP take on fairly soon. I know less common jobs like these only take on rarely apparently? I don't suppose anybody knows?
  9. If you wanna see action you can still join an infantry regiment & still become a CMT you just won't be in the Medical Corps
  10. Apparently if I go for ODP I probably won't get in till late next year!!

    Arghhhhhh... why with all these massive waiting times?? I honestly can't wait that long.
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Don't have much choice, do you? And stop posting multiple threads on the same topic.
  12. Hi Parabol, Why do you want to paint boxes and put up tents,be an Engineer,or fix helicopters, but not a CMT.

  13. Forgive me, but once I get an idea in my head I can't rest, and I get all excited like a kid at christmas. Then it all comes crashing down after hearing the waiting times. I'm just awfully confused at the moment.
  14. Well, just pick one and stick with it.

    Everyone else has. (Even the MOD's).
  15. Maybe I'm looking too much into it? After all, transferring is always an option if you truly find the trade isn't for you, right?