Massive Arcteryx gear discount program

This goes back to my other thread asking about significant military discounts for the Brit side of things:

I asked the Arc'teryx military sales coordinator whether they extend their Law Enforcement and Armed Forces discount program (LEAF) to British/European armed forces. Much to my surprise, they do.

Arc'teryx makes specialised military gear under the LEAF program (they're Canadian btw, in case you dismiss all Yank-made gear). It costs a shit-ton of money on civvie street, but the discount if you're military is substantial.

Their Alpha jacket in particular has quite a cult status, but the whole range of LEAF equipment - clothing and rucksacks - is quite outstanding. Very well designed and high quality. Military Morons has a lot of reviews that are worth looking at.

If this sounds interesting, go to

where you can look at the range of equipment and also apply for the program.

If you can then get this stuff shipped to a BFPO or AFPO (ie. joint like Camp Alamo), you'll even save on customs and VAT.

I'll try and find out if other discount programs like TNF are available as well.

Disclaimer: I'm just trying to help you chaps out. I'm neither affiliated with Arcteryx, nor am I interested in any "because the Yanks use it, it must be shite" ARRSEing, or bitching and moaning about shipping and customs. And yes I know the chap who runs MM is a bit of a mong. But his reviews are accurate and that's what counts.

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