massive 20 plus pile up on M5

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jim24, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Sky just reporting massive pile up on M5 near Taunton
  2. Just seen that on News 24. I'm not surprised in the slightest that's it's happened there. The M5 around Bridgwater is an accident blackspot. I was involved in a fatal RTA there back in Feb 2004 which closed the motorway in both directions for nine hours. I was lucky to walk away from it. Not my fault it happened and nothing I could do to avoid it. The guy that caused the accident got sent down.

    This evening's crash has brought back some sad and unpleasant memories.
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  3. Been in touch with the families yet Jim/Trop? In case they need some support or protecting from the nasty FB pirates?
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  4. You seem to have recovered well.
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  5. He owes it all to Tropper. Hallelujah!
  6. Did the police run it past you before they informed the victim's families or will that be your next whinge? How quick did you get a RIP thread onto Facebook?
  7. Checked before I posted, not in the NAAFI. Not a winge either. That stretch of the M5 is an accident blackspot. Just a fact. Plenty of RTAs there, I happened to be in one once. Tonight's is a big messy one. No RIP threads on FuckFace. Shit happens. Worse things happen at sea, etc.
  8. Will someone please kill the grief-trolling walty gobshite, it's way beyond being a ******* joke now.
  9. It was aimed at Jim/Tropper, not your good self.
  10. The comments were directed at the OP, not at you (apart from Delta obviously)
  11. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I thought it was aimed at me, and the thought of being accused of being Tropper made me have suicidal thoughts. :nod:

    I don't do grief whoring but I once had a bad experience, just as many others do, and the particular location brought it back to me. Sad times for the poor ******* involved in this, and their families.

    It shouldn't need stating, but for DD's benefit I think I need to. Because I walked away from the accident I wasn't one of the fatalities. I bet DD can count to potato as well.

    If this had been in the NAAFI I'd play, and even bring my own popcorn. :thumright:
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  12. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

  13. Does not surprise me. I drive past there and use the junction frequently. There are accidents even when there is perfect weather, usually 3 or more a week, caused by drivers who cut across from lane 3 at the last moment and then down the slip road. I was always taught to always drive in a manner applicable to road, weather and traffic conditions.
  14. Anyone else noticed as of about Wednesday every idoit in Britian jumped in their cars and thought 'let's cause utter havoc on the roads'.

    Not being considerate to other drivers (that's the biggy) and impatience.
    Roaring up to red lights, even when they know they wont get through, but blocking other junctions on and off.
    General lack of awareness that in sh1tty weather slow the fcuk down, give more space and TURN YOUR FCUKING SIDELIGHTS ON AT LEAST.


    That's before you mention, on multi lane roads, utter prats who sit in the overtaking lanes at, or below the speed limit causing people to undertake or slowing traffic as people use the one lane to pass them.

    Oh and those who come right up your arrse whilst driving on the motorway or when halted in traffic.
  15. Just seen it on the news, unusually it was Northbound. Probably caused by the fuckwits who can't wait to overtake a truck going up the slip road onto the motorway, finding that the overtaking lane disappears, leaving them with nowhere to go, but over the chevrons as they usually do, into the path of oncoming traffic.