Massereene Murders - The Scumbag Shivers may not die in the clink!

The summary of judgement stated: “The Chief Justice (Sir Declan Morgan) said the court did not accept that a person who provides assistance after a murder with full knowledge of what has happened becomes guilty of murder and that there was no authority to support such a proposition.”

Shivers’ lawyers argued that while the prosecution had presented the case against him as murder as part of a joint enterprise, the judge had convicted him of murder as a secondary party. Under the second definition, the defence argued, setting fire to the car after the event was not enough in itself to find him guilty.

In an emotional statement, Mrs Azimkar made it clear she did not blame the police or Public Prosecution Service. “It is the failure of the criminal justice system, which is very highly loaded in favour of the defendant and therefore against the interests of victims and their loved ones,” she said.

Shivers will remain in custody until the Public Prosecution Service decides whether to seek a retrial.
Totally innocent, it seems. Mother of soldier killed in Northern Ireland says court decision to overturn verdict is scandalous - Crime - UK - The Independent

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