Massereene murdering scum released on bail!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Zulu_Dawn, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Brian Shivers from Maghera who is charged with the murders of Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar is complaining he has Cystic Fibrosis and urgently needs an operation has been released on bail on compassion as he cant get the treatment he needs in jail.Why should we the British public give him the right to save his own life,in a British hospital paid for by us when he murdered British soldiers.Let him die like those brave soldiers at Massereene who were given no choice
  2. Simply because, Tony,and "THE wide mouthed frog" decided,that "Human rights" was a good money spinner for liers, sorry, lawers! q.e.d.
  3. Its best to let him die on his own time, instead of giving another martyr to that cause by having him die due to poor medical care in prison. Also if he does not get the treatment he is now getting in hospital he will need and no doubt get a lung transplant (taking it from someone else who no doubt deserves it more). No point lowering ourselves to their standards.
  4. I din't know that cystic fibrosis stopped someone pulling a trigger?
  5. I din't know that cystic fibrosis stopped someone pulling a trigger?
  6. It doesn't and never did!But hey!"Human rights!" O.K.!
  7. Teflon tony and his even more frog like "wife" who is as greasy as Hitler or Stalin when it comes to being honest in a court of law.

    These people are bullet proof. Just ask teflon tony his "I will defend anyone wife even if they murdered millions" lawer.

    And your next question is?
  8. The fundamental principle of criminal law is that a person is innocent until proven guilty – regardless of whether they have been in and out of prison all of their lives or have come straight from a convent.prisoners.They are also entitled to the same NHS treatment as the rest of the population.Also They have a right to fair trial
  9. Prior to the introduction of ECHR certain offences were so serious that bail was not available, pending trial. ECHR has been 'interpreted' as requiring consideration of bail even for such offences, and although it was presumed that the decision would fall in favour of the public it appears that more and more judges are being persuaded to grant bail.

    Much of the outrage at this decision is justifiable. Why should we risk releasing someone on bail for a crime so serious, innocent or not (and lets not forget there must have been sufficient evidence, as yet untested, to move to remand), that puts the public at potential risk?

    I do not want to go off on one, however, the ECHR was created post WW2 to protect indivuals against the abuses of the State - as practised by the Nazis - hence 'Right to Life', 'Right to Marry' 'Right not be tortured' etc. It has since then wiggled its way into the most ridiculous places. Prisoners, on remand, should not have to use a potty (slopping out)....try going to an Iraqi, Turkish etc jail and demanding a gleaming porcelin throne with chrome flush handle. Right, getting back in my box....
  10. Why can't he get teh treatment he needs in jail?
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    And by now he's probably over the border,sitting comfortably in front of his TV watching RTE.
  12. Send him to Libya.