Massarene Barracks and related threads.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Have all been removed by me.

    I've arrived to find these threads, and have removed them, as even a cursory analysis shows a very good chance the media are reporting on speculation originating here.

    As such, please until the facts are out, confine yourselves to condolences and support for those affected by this atrocity.


  2. Ah, was beginning to wonder where 3 of the threads had gone....

    I don't doubt for a second we'll have media sniffing around, so as you say, I'll stick to condolences.

    RIP Guys.
  3. RIP guys and a speedy recovery to the 4 injured guys
  4. RIP Lads, so unfair honestly.
  5. I hadn't commented as I wasn't there and I don't know anybody who was.
    As PTP says the speculation was getting a bit out of hand.
    RIP, may they be the last to fall.
  6. RIP to those killed, speedy recovery to those injured, thoughts and prayers going out to the families, friends and soldiers of 38. A horrible way to start a tour.
  7. RIP Lads.
  8. As an ex Sapper and as one who served in Antrim fro late 73 to mid 76, I know the people there then and THEY supported us, as we did them.

    Rest in Peace fellow Sapper and heal well and heal soon for those injured.
  9. ARRSE is not a democracy. You are well within your rights to cull these Threads, and I will of course abide by your decision.

    However, I would like to say it's gualling to have to restrict our discussion of these events because of journo's sniffing around.

    But as I said, it's your call, Boss. :salut:

    RIP once again to the fallen. Condolances to the bereaved. And wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured.
  10. My heart go out the family fo the guys killed, and hope all the other make a good recovery. we all think of what has happened is a terrible thing. and yes what out for the media as they are renound for twisting the words of the military.
    everyone in province take care
  11. (Werewolf:) I disagree. There's nothing to hide or to hide from. The facts are in the public arena (other than the names of those murdered and injured). The political representatives, dross that they are in many cases, have all made their statements. The opinions of the wider population of this forum - former employees of HM - should be made public too. The national newspapers and tv/radio should not only get their opinion from the more or less ignorant of the UK's observers of events in Northern Ireland, but from we citizens who have served in the Province. We have one of the more valid and relevant voices in the issue, and it should be heard.
  12. Disgusted and saddened to hear of this, all day my thoughts have been with the families of these two lads, may these boys rest in peace. Also for the others injured hope they have a swift recovery.
  13. Aye, but you know what journo's are like; if it bleeds, it leads. :evil:

    I've already pinged a couple of members who seemed to be deliberetly trying to inflame the situation by posting cr@p like "Bring back the B Specials" etc. Maybe they were'nt journos, but I understand why the Mods don't want to risk handing a propganda victory to the scum with headlines like: British Troops Call for Shoot-to-Kill/B Specials/Interinment! :roll:

    Anyway, ARRSE is not a democracy. Sunray has issued the order, we have to obey it! :wink:
  14. As the old saying goes " Your here to defend democracy not practice it"
  15. So shocked by this....or should i be? Poor young lads i hope you rest in peace. Im thinking of the familys and loved ones of those killed and hurt