Massacre in Cairo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Move now? Sharm-el-Sheik?
  2. i have my rat run planned and it involves company dollars, a cigarette boat from the Med coast to Olu Deniz and lay low until the cash runs out.
  3. Is it all inclusive though? Eh? ...
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  4. Latest.

    We remain at liberty and I suspect that the rumours of impending arrest were slightly exaggerated by our local producers.

    It would appear that the authorities are unhappy about some equipment disappearing from the Bureau after they had closed it. This precision operation involved striking at the precise moment that the cops guarding the place went out for coffee.
    However this was pure luck. We had no idea that they were even in the building until the bloke on the desk came up and warned us with a lot of shouting.

    We had made our way up to the bureau and got the door open by this time. Of course I was having a slash in the khazi when my producer starts telling me to Get Out Now..We legged it to the lift with quite a pile of kit and travelled creakily to the basement where our vehicle was waiting with the engine running... Except it wasn't because the taxi driver was having a row with the parking bloke about blocking the exits.

    we eventually got him to drive to the lift only to discover that the bloody car was powered by LPG and had no room in the boot for the kit. I'd bloody told the producer getting a street taxi was dodgy but he wouldn't listen. The camera and lights were all hidden in bags - too much for inside the vehicle so we had to sling the camera bag on the roof. After getting the taxi stuck on the exit ramp of the garage we headed off.. slap bang into a grid lock right outside the front entrance of the building.

    I was flapping because I was sure the camera would get nicked from the roof rack and calling the producer a twat whilst sitting uncomfortably in piss damp jeans.

    When we got to the place we are staying incognito with our anonymous luggage the porter says 'please sir, do want these bags to be with the other camera?' Great.

    in other news there were more demonstrations by the anti-coup alliance throughout Egypt.
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  5. You doing news filming bigeye or a Mr bean visits Egypt special?!
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    With luck, bigeye, you'll be telling these tales in 20 years' time and people will turn away with a bored expression.
  7. Why would they would they wait for 20 years to look bored?
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  8. Who is ghost writing it for the film and who plays a) You and 2) the love interest?
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  9. That's the place. To the right is a 6000' mountain called Baba Dag which is one of my favourite paragliding sites.
  10. Hugh Grant, although he's slightly too short and that bird that was in The Mexican... She looks a bit like the reporter I was working with. Although I would rather shoot the reporter than shag her... The annoying baggage.
  11. If you get the chance to visit the Asir region in Saudi take your kit, it might be legal now and they may not be shooting Westerners..

    Panoramio - Photo of Asir mountains
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  12. we certainly got shots of a protest involving 1000 or so anti coup protestors. I have no idea if the channel it used as I can't see the output where I am. None of the official Egyptian channels will mention it either.
  13. There was mention on tonights news from someone in Cairo that a lot of the protests had dropped in number with some being as small as a few hundred ...Likened to flash mobs he said ....

    Also seems the military are using jamming stations a lot...
  14. I've observed shooting protesters in large numbers generally works outside of Syria.
  15. Ive heard about the jamming of signals too. I'm not sure how the military here would actually achieve this. I can confirm that it is illegal to use BGan satellite uplinks and a couple of ours were confiscated. However assuming a working 3G network a news crew can transmit via a multi card system such as LiveU. In the UK we use 4G versions that bolt on the back of the camera the signal is HD and very stable.

    This is worth noting if you are in media ops. During the recent protests In the UK I had to warn the TSG blokes that we could be live at any moment.. Even I, as camera op, wouldn't know when the channel would come to us - So I had to assume we were live all the time. I wouldn't want the boys in blue to get caught telling members of the public to **** off live on Sky.