Massacre in Cairo

She certainly wasn't ugly - Dutch blond fitty.

Dutch blond fitty who had 5 sweaty egyptian thugs go through her. And probably 50 more who stuck a finger up her arse.

(sorry, i forgot you're but the pool g&t'ing it)
I was referring to the latest 'Bon mot': It could have been worse.. I could have been...

on a serious note. Did she have security?
It's strange reading those 'reports' from Cairo. As it turned out Sue Turton, our 2 security blokes and myself all got out. Unfortunately Peter Greste didn't - he got nicked in my hotel room after I'd left. He was sentenced to 3 years in jail, as was my Bureau Chief and producer. Sue was sentenced to 15 years in her absence. Finally Peter was released after 400 days in a Cairo jail.

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