Massa In Intensive Care

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ritch, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Formula One driver Felipe Massa is said to be fighting for his life in hospital following a crash during qualification at the Hungarian Grand Prix.
    Massa - who drives for Ferrari - was airlifted to hospital in Budapest where officials said he is in a "life-threatening but stable" condition after an operation on a skull fracture.
    He was hit by a spring which came off the Brawn GP car driven by fellow Brazilian Rubens Barrichello and then crashed into a tyre wall at 170mph.
  2. Senna, Surtees and now possibly Massa by wheels/suspension?
  3. Yeah, two accident's that similar in a week. Although Surtee's was on the sidelines.
  4. I think you will find that JOSEY means Henry Surtees (John surtees son) who sadly died last week.
  5. Yes, I know.. :roll:
  6. if some loonatic offered me >£2 per year just to turn up to some smelly race track?

    And then >£ millions to keep on ???

    These drivers have a very special skill.

    However it does not make them fecking heroes./

    just like the tennis and golf pros.

    did you know that any BRITISH TENNIS PLAYER who is listed on wimbleton gets £12000. from the lta via sport blah lottery. oh and another £12000 if the name appears on queens.

    so thats £24000 for not doing feckall!
  7. You can say the same about pretty much any sport...

    football, cricket, atheletics, American Football.

    Apprently not only in pro football do you find pima donnas.... there are plenty of "amateur" sportsmen and women in the Olympics who just love the wonga and lifestyle (see recent rejection by Olympiads of Aldershot, and their desire to train abroad).
  8. oldgoat, I don't quite get your gist. I think you're pointing out that the crazy amounts of money and hero worship that these sporting types get is disproportionate to their contribution to society. I would agree with that but think that the thread is more concerned with the fact that two rather fast chaps within their sport have ( one fatally ) recently come to harm via flying debris.

    This might have significant ramifications within open top, open wheel, motorsport in the near future and might therefore be a serious issue ;)

    and ting :)
  9. Bad luck comes in 3's remember!
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Cheerful bugger, ain't you :(
  11. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    not for one second am I unsympathetic, but as it says on the back of your GP ticket, 'motor racing is dangerous'.

    it's not like the fifties and sixties, where you could almost be guaranteed of a serious accident every race, but risk is part and parcel of it surely?
  12. Imagine the headline if it was Jenson "RIGHT ON THE BUTTON!"
  13. Maybe not heroes but surely more courageous/nuts than tennis players or golfers. Can't remember either one ending a tournament in this condition:

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  14. Oooh yah bast, that pic doesn't look too good.
    Main news reporting Massa in a much worse condition than he actually is, while insiders say he is stable and well on his way.
  15. Massa is a very lucky man, he could so easily be dead right now. Alonso would of swallowed the fukca had it come flying towards him.