Mass US protest against Iraq war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 28, 2007.

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  2. Sorry, this isn't a "mass" anything. You don't like the war, I understand that. However, don't make things out to be what they aren't.

    "Tens of thousands" in a population of 300 million is merely a drop...
  3. the ocean. Absolutely agree. So called right for protests for demonstrations is a senselees thing. You have right to protest, a government (administration) has right to ignore it.

    It is a democracy.
  4. Only 4 years late. Still, better late than never, I suppose even though it's clear from recent statements that Cheney and his monkey no longer give a toss what the people they work for think.

    And while I'm on the subject of who's supposed to be in charge, this Op Ed ran in the NY Times on Saturday:

  5. The Gospel according to St Vladimir of Putin, Chapter 12, Verses 7-11.
  6. What they don't seem to understand is that we are so far into the sh1te-hole that if we pull out it will end as a BIG fcuk-up
  7. Mazur my friend - wet fish time - slap, slap.
  8. A small protest with that traitor bitch hanoi jane present. I do hope she has a fatal illness soon.
  9. Can you enlighten us with your version of what a "mass" anything is? Do the protestors on any occasion need to be a majority of the voting public?
  10. If the likes of Jane Fonda are protesting in order that the likes of you are kept chained to your post rather than being allowed to run free in the yard - I'm all for it, in a big, big way.
  11. This is highly significant. Public dissent in the US was almost unknown prior to 2006. Remember the Dixie Chicks attacking Dubya and their later apology? The well of patriotic support that saw French fries referred to as "freedom fries" has been well and truly drained.

    I predict Bush and Cheney will have to resign or face impeachment when the surge fails.
  12. If memory serves, the protests against the Vietnam War in the US were also fobbed off as "not representative of all Septics", until the gobment of the day realised that they were.

  13. I thought it rather funny that the anti war lobby had to drag out some dried out yesterdays professional 'jump up and downer' to try and give their campaign a kick start. Did You notice that the ONLY member of congress to turn up told them to get over there in order to give the other democrats some spine - why was that do You suppose?

    Isn't it strange that while millions of illegal immigrants can go on strike the 'lets not do the right thing' campaign can't even swamp the Capital? and what has happened to the British Stop the War Coalition
  14. They've made great progress (obviously!), and their work is ongoing.

    Just because you're not hearing or reading about it doesn't mean they've given up and gone home. At times like this, with news management more to the fore, you often have to go and seek it out. Here's a link to help you anyway: