Mass signing off

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gundog, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Reading about the shabby way we have been treated in the forums and the seemingly powerless postion we find ourselves in, has got me wondering just how many people would be prepared to sign off on a particular day as part of a mass-signing off campaiagn.

    NOTE- I am not advocating or organising such a campaign, this is solely out of curiousity.
  2. Not me fella - they might take it seriously and not let me sign back on again.....
  3. Too true legs,

    It's a bold gesture but I doubt one that would actually happen if push came to shove!

    I heard Guy Fawkes also suggested his little plot 'out of curiousity'
  4. gundog, they know about the Shabby, and totally unexceptable way are Troops are being treated, and they don't give a Toss..We are Cannon Fodder and always have been. As long as it does'nt effect them directly, they just don't care. How many in the Cabinet have kids who have been killed or injured on the front one?..did'nt think so. Are any in the Force???
  5. The thing is numbers are going that quick there wont be anyone left as the sign off rate will increase as the number of tours do
  6. Then there's the problem at the other end. Do people really want to join at the moment what with one thing and another. Would parents want their kids to join up at a time when it seems we are losing good people hand over fist?
  7. Bit too close to my pension for that TBH.
  8. A complete Guard shift (all 12 of them) from 28 Engineer Regt all decided to sign off one night using that new sysetem called JPA, even the Sappers who were not entitled to.

    Some funny interviews, and a lot of work for the clerk when they all signed back on the next day.
  9. Dont think you need to organise one, it is already happening in my Corps
  10. Don't forget that currently (today's government figures - lies probably) there are 1,600,000 unemployed in the country.
  11. I hate to be critical but what has that got to do with the thread? Are you suggesting the countries unemployed would all take the Queens shilling?

    Anyway any organised mass signing off would probably fall into the mutiny bracket I would have thought.
  12. Having spent 27 years in uniform and the last 10 in the MoD as a civil servant, I certainly wouldn't want my kids to be in the MoB. Yes I know that's what we joined for and that's why we took HM's shilling etc but I saw in the media that it's getting to the stage where we are taking more casualties than Vietnam. Might as well stay here and kick the sh1t out the local chav population.
  13. Mutiny is an Open Revolt against Authority...Signing off(you have a right too do so) cannot constitute Mutiny. In this day and age of the Computer, a mass signing of a Letter, wisely worded, sent to No10 may have the desired effect.
  14. Nail on the head. :D
  15. Im time barred but i would join otherwise