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Mass Shootings in the US

The problem with privileges though is that they can be taken away at a whim, depending on the political climate Draz. I spend a good part of my day taking away people's privileges and restricting what they can and can't do. Bureaucracy is a damn scary thing, if it is abused.
Make up your mind. A moment ago you were complaining about people who weren't being responsible making it worse for those who were. You cannot have it both ways.
Make up your mind. A moment ago you were complaining about people who weren't being responsible making it worse for those who were. You cannot have it both ways.
Depending on the issue you can!

Look Draz I was 7 when I was introduced to the world of Marksmanship training. It was a skill my dad taught me, and then continued in Boy Scouts, hunting, Uncle Sam, and as a PMC. Now my range time comes out of my own pocket but it is still a skill that has to be practiced and I still learn new things. I strive to go to the range once or a twice a month even during hunting season. Whilst I might be a Redneck who likes his guns, I still take it seriously. Everybody should have some mandatory training to at least be a competent shooter, who is safe with firearms as Guns mentioned! If you want to hunt in Wyoming the hunter safety course is mandatory, if you want to obtain a concealed firearm you have to show that you have had training to do so.

I however do not believe that making firearms ownership a privilege is the way to go. You will have people that will jump at the opportunity to make it damn near impossible for people to own firearms and use them.
And this is why I like it here in Canada where you have to go and do training and pass an exam. The people who offer the training courses and exams are all hunters or shooters and know that if they pass someone who is not fit they can loose their livelihood or damage the thing they love. The local guy here who I am looking to use was telling me that unless people like him ensure that people are well trained and competent then it will ruin it for others. Nice guy, even for a Leafs fan.
I agree, and most people here are on the same mindset about training. The law abiding are not the ones you have to worry about, because they take this right seriously.
Breaking at the moment so not on their websites but a nude gunman still on the run after shooting. Killed three. Four injured

E2A: 3 dead, several injured in shooting at Waffle House near Nashville
Wearing a green jacket but otherwise nude:
Three people are dead and several more are injured after a shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee early Sunday morning.

Nashville police confirmed three people were shot and killed in the incident, which took place about 3:30 a.m. local time on Sunday in Antioch, Tennessee. Police said four people were also injured in the shooting.
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Back on thread, and apparently a naked gunman has killed three in a Nashville waffle House...

Edit - beaten to it, and with links
Unfortunately that is what happens when you insist it is a right to own a weapon not a privilege.
It IS a Right though

Just as Free Speech gets you Bugsy or Dogface sometimes along with the informative.

I dont expect you to understand though
I laughed a few years back at an advert for camo toilet paper, and blaze orange paper.
Apparently some chaps were shot in the ass while taking a boskak (bush crap) because they were wiping with white stuff, and were mistaken for deer.
Sadly that shit happens...(literally) I get shot at wearing hunter orange, damn near every year. We had a retard kill a turkey whilst pheasant hunting last year, Game and Fish had a massive sense of humor failure with the man.
I'd disagree.

I suggest a right is demanded and taken whereas a privilege is conferred. It's clear that the right to bear arms was demanded and taken.
In a similar vein, I would say that a right is available to everyone and can then be restricted whereas a privilege is initially denied to everyone and then granted to individuals.

In the UK, everyone has the right to liberty and freedom; unless of course you happen to be in prison when that right is removed from you. In contrast, firearms ownership or driving a car is a privilege that people only get after going through the licensing process.
Correct, in order to buy an automatic weapon you need a class 3 license and a load of money. No assault rifles can be picked up at Sportsmen’s etc. Semi auto is as good as it gets without having to jump through hoops.
Doesn’t that mean that your right to bear arms has been infringed?

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