Mass Shootings in the US

Yesterday was the 45th mass shooting in a US educational establishment during 2015. This is a multipurpose thread to populate with information about mass shootings in the US. Have a look at this database, there was a mass shooting in the US nearly every single day this year:

Mass Shootings in 2015 - Mass Shooting Tracker
How many of these are gang related shootings by people who are forbidden by law to own firearms (felons)?
How many of these are gang related shootings by people who are forbidden by law to own firearms (felons)?
All of them, none of them, some of them? The purpose of this thread is document the frequent mass shootings in the US, rather than start a new thread for each one. There would be nearly 365 new threads a year otherwise.

I'm not sure what your argument is, I'm sure you can start a thread about it.
I'm just saying that there is a difference between something like yesterday's tragic events, and a bunch of gang bangers shooting each other in a turf war.
Maybe not entirely on this topic, but closely related:

The US has roughly the 15th highest firearm related homicide rate in the world (roughly, because some other countries rates are not clear with high 'undetermined' classifications for the deaths).

For every 100,000 people in the US, 3.55 will be murdered with a firearm.

For some perspective;

UK - 0.05,
Australia - 0.11,
New Zealand - 0.26
Mexico - 10
Colombia - 27.1
Hondurus (highest) - 64.8

And yeah, these figures cover everyone from gang-bangers to wacko students. However these are only homicide figures, not suicide or 'unintentional'.

List of countries by firearm-related death rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edit: can I also just tag onto this, for a truly off topic- what's up with the green camo on the SWAT team? They are urban environment right? So the camo is to hide behind indoor pot plants I guess? :D
The shooter was British born by all accounts
An interesting piece on BBC News channel; Victoria Derbyshire Show, with Joanna Gosling speaking first to a US journalist, who has a concealed carry licence, and Bonnie Greer, a US citizen who lives in the UK. A surprisingly level-headed response from both interviewees and (for the BBC) a measured and sensible approach from Joanna Gosling.
The journalist, whose name escapes me, made the point that the college was a 'gun-free zone' (well, that didn't mean a thing to the gun-man and probably determined his choice of venue) and that had someone been armed, the mad-man might have been stopped sooner, as with the Serjeant-at-Arms in the Canadian Parliament building.
Bonnie Greer gave one of the best explanations of the history of the 2nd Amendment that I've heard; concise, unemotional and properly in context. Ms Greer is an 'African American' by birth and, whether she is pro or anti-gun in this debate, it is worth listening to her.
had someone been armed, the mad-man might have been stopped sooner,
Yes, true, but that just goes in circles. Had people been armed all the time, maybe a stupid argument about who's mum was fat would mean the guy with a gun shoots the other guy. So it can cut both ways. Having more guns means gun crime is more likely, but of course if someone else has a gun, maybe they can stop it...

Ultimately though to break out of this cycle, if finding a gun was a mammoth task, you would clearly have less impulse killing, and have less premeditated killings (that is if the would-be murderer doesn't have the strength of stomach to gut someone with a kitchen knife, which would be often the case).
There have been a couple of cases linked to the far-right in the UK and Chan boards recently. One an attempted murder and the other an alleged mass shooting in Canada.
One bit of middle ground might be to limit carry laws to specifically permitted activities. Ie notifying the coppers that you are going shooting' on x day and getting a thumbs up letter that covers you. Now, that doesn't stop.ssomeone from going home, getting his shooter and going bananas,but it does Iintroduce a new firearms offence for the idiot to fall foul of before he gets to that stage and it does start to introduce America to the idea of responsible gun ownership. Also, it might just get past the gun lobby, whose main objection is home 'defense'
Ten killed in shooting at Ore. community college

To take a leaf from the UK's book of good intentions, a doctor's declaration relating to the sanity of the citizen attempting to acquire firearms before any purchase can be made. You might get it under Obamacare.

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