Mass shooting averted in Seattle

News report showing a potential mass-shooter having weapon removed by private security guard. The firearm was stolen from Police vehicle
Quote from NBC news website
"The video from KOMO shows a man with what appeared to be a handgun taking the rifle from a bandanna-masked man, and then releasing the magazine. A Seattle police spokeswoman confirmed that rifle was one of the two stolen from the SPD vehicles, but did not confirm who disarmed the man.

The reporter, Brandi Kruse, tweeted that "our security guard felt that the public was in danger" and took the rifle from what she described as a rioter and disabled it.

Seattle police tweeted their thanks to the man for "safely recovering both rifles and potentially saving lives." One rifle had been fired but police said there were no reports of injury and they were unsure who fired it. Kruse tweeted that a person took the rifle and fired into vehicles, but no one appeared hurt.

Police said no arrests had been made."
The firearm was stolen from Police vehicle

Good safeguarding of weapon!
Two firearms were stolen from police vehicle, he recaptured both and retuned to police.

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I'm guessing this guy is either dead or in a very bad way too. I get that people are angry but what is smashing up your own neighbourhood and assaulting/murdering people trying to defend their livelihoods going to achieve?
"Beat him with a skateboard and stoned him with medium sized rocks"

Measured, middle of the road response, full on riot would call for a Dodge Ram and paving slabs.


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Random criminal dies whilst resisting arrest - and it's a cause for rioting?
Unfortunately he died whilst the police officer was kneeling on his neck and he was stating that he couldn't breath.

Whatever else he did, he was honest enough then
Random criminal dies whilst resisting arrest - and it's a cause for rioting?
Slightly less random as there may have been a connection between the dead man and the police officer, with them having worked as security in the same club at the same time.
Multiple existing complaints about the officer
..... and the dead man was held down for a significant time for having spent a countrfiet note


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People protesting on Trafalgar Square holding black lives matter placards. Even though the copper has been sacked. Not long until the usual scrotes start taking it out on foot locker and JD sports, helping themselves in the process. Like last time the work boots will be left alone.

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