Mass media wars with 'foreign agents'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. It is not sufficient. RT must be closed and removed from US mass media space completely

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  2. Absolutely right decision and Moscow's counter measures are not justified

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  3. Right decision and Russian move was something expected.

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  4. Both sides are not right

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  5. Washington is not right and Moscow's replay is logical

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  6. The best solution is to stop this 'foreign agents' games in the name of freedom of speech

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  1. I was up there the first week of October and recall seeing them. I obviously 'forgot' to tell any of the Trolls (overt or otherwise) I'd seen their favourite fairy tale being advertised in London
  2. Indeed, but Russia has a trend: Committee to Protect Journalists
    In English?
  3. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    58 killed journalist for 12 years? 4 journalists in year from near 200k? It is much less that average killing rate in the whole population. And yes, highest levels of killing were before Putin was elected. Trend is decreasing.
    How you call woman who sleep with man because of money and/or career?
    Whore, prostitute, hooker, slag, slut, tart, bint, ho, bimbo, slaper, bitch.
    'Actress' means 'whore'. It is part of their profession. Actress sleeps with producers, directors, operators (and anybody else), to get role, money and career. She is a whore. Then, twenty years later, she blame her producer in 'harassment' or even 'raping'. Who is she? As for me - 'double whore'. But your coordinated media call her 'victim' and start unificated political persecution. There are only one point of view in the West medias - "consumer is bad, 'victim' is good".
    I know, there are many of Yanks and Europeans, who see nothing bad in buying sex with prostitutes and/or actresses. Are their point of view presented in the 'free' medias?
  4. And where do you see ctiricism?
    You claim that this article is critical toward pres.Tump? Really? I begin to doubt that you understand English
    Trump: US to Redesignate North Korea as State Sponsor of Terror
    Voice of America presents the news in extremely positive light for pres.Trump. 'Wide international support' is carefully underlined.
    Yes, there are some minor technical problems
    VoA completely supports Trump's decision and quotes (selected) 'experts'
    Would anyone expect opinions of experts from China or Russia? No of course. They are not welcome in VoA.
    And of course ordinary people wholeheardedly support Trump's decision.
    You quoted this tweet made by Mintaro Oba (who is he?)
    In other words - it is not so easy task to prove terrorism sponsorship but the decision is logical, something that was expected.
    Where do you see critics here?
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  5. There's a trend. Same years stats in the UK?
    Harvey Weinstein
    Probably better here as it has nothing to do with agitprop and 'foreign agents'
  6. Are hose 'technical problems' mentioned on RT? On Sputnik? The illegal invasion and annexation?

    You have a habit of comparing chalk and cheese and this time is no different.

    Personally, I have no problem with you saying VoA and even the BBC are 'foreign agents' as they are govt funded. To pretend RT and Sputnik are anything other than agitprop is failing to face reality.
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  7. The illegal invasion in Iraq? RT and Sputnik wrote about it unlike VoA that wrote about 'liberation'.
    It seems to me that you have some holes in memory. Previosly I wrote many times that RT is a part of vast Putin's agitprop machine. On Syria thread I wrote (post #1258 )
    Look at YarS' thread (post #1242 )
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  8. Obfuscation once again. If you can't provide the evidence then just say so.
    I know you've called it agitprop. However, you have still not given the evidence. Your failure to do so shows you are once again talking chalk and cheese.
    I've seen it thanks. You'll notice I have posted since you submitted that.

    Once again, I go back to my original question. Give me a dozen incidents in RT and Sputnik that are extracting the urine from Putin or his govt. You can't provide that evidence as they are state sponsored. As such, the Duma imo should only consider those news agencies which are govt sponsored. Are they doing that? Or are they comparing chalk and cheese like you?
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  9. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    Taking into consideration British hypocrisy and bad work of their cops - it is useless. They will not 'confirm professional reason' for journalists death even if they will found note with reasons and threats to other journalists.

    I'm not interesting in reading fifty pages of usual British rubbish. All I need (talking about "free media") - name of medias, that defend Weinstein. Do you have any opposition medias?
  10. If you want to play childish games, you're in the wrong area. Russia clearly has a problem with journalists and maybe it is improving or maybe there are less journalists. Or maybe the journalists are better protected?
    We have lots of media, most biased on a left or right wing spectrum. No state sponsored agitprop, but we do have state sponsored organs.
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  11. YarS and KGB_resident are definitely 2 different people. Different styles of writing.
    They might both be employed, part time or full time, by the same paymaster.
    Or they might both be *****.
    Of the 2 , I think YarS is more of a **** than KGB_ Resident.

    Does the Arrse collective have any thoughts on the matter ?
    ( That doesn't include you YarS, you twat )
  12. No it doesn’t.

    It’s derived from ‘actor’ so as to feminize it.

    From ‘agere’ In Latin which means to do or act (act as it take an action).

    A quick google would show you the etymology going back even further from the Latin.

    I don’t doubt some of them act like whores, but that’s an entirely different point.

    Now, since you can’t even get basic googling correct, why should anyone read the rest of your wibbling about more complex issues?

    Maybe you should get the next bloke on shift to write something more coherent.....
  13. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    Russia have no any problems with journalists (except some of them are incompetent).

    Ha! Name, sister, name! Give me name of this media.
    Just for example BBC is sponsored by state established taxes, and controlled by government.
  14. It seems you may be telling 'pork pies' again
    Is Russian Google broken? Use British Google. It's much better despite being a capitalist lackey running dog poodle puppet etc. Media of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia
    That's what I said you chump!
  15. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    Do you mean, that all British media's are defending Weinstein? I very doubt in it. May be my Google is broken, all what I can find is articles like this:
    Backlash after Karan defends Weinstein

    Do you have articles with seriouse defending of him?