Mass Graves

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hibby, Oct 13, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone else find the timeing of the news release ,just a tad conveniant for our Great leader , First day back and we have trenches full of dead babys to use as yet another excuse for Tonys great crusade, just a coincidence ? but it came in handy during PMQs this afternoon :?
  2. Much as I'd like to see Bliar out of office, I somehow doubt even he managed to conjure up a gravesite dig to coincide with PMQs. The forensic guys have been working on this for some time.
  3. I'd rather blair and the forensic teams were sorting the murders of the 6 redcaps.
  4. I think the Iraqis need the occasional reality check like this, to remind them just how bad things were before we infidels pitched-up.
  5. Well said, Armourer. What's the score with that? Last I heard, TCH had handed the inquiry over to the local rag constabulary. But it can't be allowed just to go away. I heard one of the victim's fathers last week saying his lad only had 50 rounds on him when the mob attacked. Fcukin' disgraceful. :twisted:
  6. Wasn't he Peter Graves' brother? :D
  7. these graves talked about where the old ones discovered after the war. This is old news being flashed at an appropriate time......don't you agree!

    The BBC and a few other establishments have been infiltrated with sympathisers for the dear Leader and so their once unbiased oipinion is now totally under New Labours control. Stalinism by another name ladies and gents :x
  8. Yup, just a coincidence...for Bleuugh at least.
    The timing has more to do with our favourite Texan and the current state of his local popularity contest with a 'real' war hero.
  9. Regardless of the timing, and the more info that comes out the more it is only a coincidence, this should not take away from the fact that the current grave is full of dead women and children with bullets in their skulls (Kurds mostly apparently).

    by all means, slag off those in power, but lets keep a prespective here, eh!
  10. Sad as it is, to us here being pummelled with the daily crape from New Labour, this does stink of a "good day to bury bad news" scenario or as I have said a way for the BBC to appease and to take the heat of TBLiar.

    It is sad to see those pictures and realise that a mother holding here baby of no more than 2 years of age has had her brains shot out and the same happening to the kid.....but....... politicians have only themselves to blame for our cynical attitude :evil:
  11. fair dues