Mass grave in Baghdad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by worm-on-a-stick, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. Just seen on 5 news.
    Mass grave found in Baghdad as workmen were installing a water pipe. Bodies are believed to be shite Muslims.

    Will post link when I get one.
  3. And we should be surprised by this?
  4. I wonder if his Tonyness will ever be found in a mass grave??
  5. An individual one will do just as well.
  6. So average mass grave contains more than 1000 bodies but this particular one only 31.

    I doubt in figure 300000 people (and in 259 mass graves). I don't see evidences.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Having recently seen my first mass grave site here, I'm astonished that they can get an estimate at all - but then these people have had plenty of experience, sadly. See "The Bone Woman : A Forensic Anthropologist's Search for Truth in the Mass Graves of Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo" for many, many examples.

    There is one part of the desert near here with bones sticking up all over. We avoid it, of course, but in the old fort nearby (Old Brit fort, lately used as a prison/xecution place by the barsteward S Hussein) they drew white silhouettes on the wall for people to stand in front of. Makes the process so much quicker, don't you see? The walls are deeply pocked with bulletholes. The bones are nearby.

    Frankly, that we stopped this sort of thing does make our presence here absolutely worthwhile. And of course, S Hussein's main backer was Russia, Sergey. He problably learnt everything about torture and execution from his Russian advisors, as, apart from maybe the Chinese, no-one else is as experienced in these things.

    So, Sergey, don't EVER come on here and go on about US or MNF atrocities, until you apologise, in full and grovellingly, for what the Russians did, or condoned, or assisted with, in Iraq.

    Rant over.
  8. Old Snowy, you might want to chill a little mate. I don't see how Sergey has ever tried to defend the actions of the regimes he was forced to live under. Sometimes his challenges of the US and Britain are uncomfortable and may not be in ratio to what has gone before in the USSR but that doesn't make his questions any less reasonable. Considering the disgraceful amounts of spin put out by both Bush and BLiar is it any wonder those outside of our Army raise tough questions?

    Merry Christmas by the way.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    True, I will indeed try to chill out. Don't take it too hard Sergey, but remember that a lot of these things (most of the recent grave sites, for example) represent atrocities that took place well after the failure of international Marxism, and there were still plenty of Russian - not Soviet - 'advisors' here then.

    Easy enough, as it's bloody freezing here - but still nice and sunny :)
  10. OldSnowy!

    I'm Russian but I'm a private person and don't bear any responsibility for any (especially imaginary) wrongdoings of any Russian (or Soviet) government.

    You said that Russia was a main backer of Saddam's regime. Can you prove it?

    Russia emerged in 1991 after collapse of Soviet Union. As I remember International sanctions against Saddam were imposed namely that time. Russia supported them and never violated. Don't you see a contradiction there?

    You mentioned Kosovo in the context of mass graves. But have them been found there? Have you any information? Probably not. The answer would be unexpected for you: there are no mass graves in Kosovo. There was only one case: 41 killed men were discovered in Kosovo near one village. But they were not locals. It is still unknown who they were (maybe Serbs killed by Albanian rebels).

    Returning to the theme of this thread I repeat my point: many allegations were made about mass graves in Iraq but too few evidences.

    Of course, Saddam was a brutal dictator, of course he killed many (how many we don't know) but I speak about evidences.
  11. How's this, Sergey?

  12. What is wrong with it? Soviet Union, not Russia sold these weapons to Iraq. Maybe you are aware that USA were called as Great Satan while Soviet Union as a small Satan by Iranian leadership in 80's and which side in Afganistan Iran backed then?

    So there were no obstacles to sell weapons to Iraq in 80's, moreover USA backed Iraq in its war with Iran. As to numbers then simply Soviet weapons were cheaper than others (American oe French).

    Soviet Union hadn't time machine in 80's and it was a very hard task to predict invasion in Kuwait.

    As to so called Iraqi WMD, then as we know now Soviet Union/Russia is not involved there at all. But what about Western countries?
  13. What but how can this be? Saddam husseins iraq was a HAPPY place...with chocolate rivers and happy laughing children....i mean, the anti-war anti-army people told me so :roll:
  14. How about Russian Nuclear technology and Iran? How about Biopreparat and the missing bio weapon scientists? How about Oil for Food and the corruption of the UN process by France and Russia collectively?