Mass exodus of Brits.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. Might as well.

    I voted with my feet years ago.
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  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Currently working in Brazil. Top place. May move here.
  3. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    ... and NM only has poisonous Hispanics amigo!

  4. Just do it, mate.

    You can buy a nice 3 bed bungalow outside Pattaya for around 100,000 dollars. Beats paying over a quarter of a million quid for something not as good in UK.
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  5. Lol, it's interesting...I might, once or twice, watched those programmes...the families all seem to think that Austrlia is a place where: you work less; earn more; nothing costs anything; they always overestimate their house price etc etc. But I'm glad for people who have made it work!
  6. Did he end up back in the UK? Rejoin the forces?
  7. Very luck indeed! Bet the missus was not happy with the whole thing lol
  8. I left the UK in 1997, would not move back for all the tea in China.
    When visiting last year, I was less than impressed by the crowding, piss taking high prices and general turn for the worse in almost all respects. There are good points about Britain, but they are out weighed by a much longer list of negatives.

    Oh and I was amazed at how many experts there are about the United States (No "accent" see, so I do not sound "Colonial"), who say they have thought about emigration. In most cases watching Glee and CSI Miami was the limit of their "research". The one serious fella (I have known him for 35 years), did make a point of a couple of quiet chats with me whilst I was there and now lives in Northern California.

    Certainly in the case of the US, do your research, it is not the UK with an accent.
  9. NZ is a nice place but the wages are terrible and i would not fancy being a copper there as the Mauris are bloody terrifying.

    Your mate should have tried Oz.
  10. Bloody hell Del you mean it's not like the Big Bang Theory and NCIS.... Doh and I thought I'd be giving up my Upstairs Downstairs life for a chance to sample the wit of "Sheldon". Maybe I'll head to Denmark instead...they have 100% clear up on crimes especially on Those That Kill. :wink:

    Are we sure that the mass exodus of Brits to Australia is not temporary, just for 2012 and that they won't be back after August? Cause I'd rock on down there just to watch the faces of the inhabitants whilst the track cycling is on and we Chris Hoy thigh crush 'em out of every gold medal they thought they'd get their mitts on...
  11. Fled to Canada over 2 years ago, best move i ever made. I just didn't like the way i saw society going in the UK and voted with my feet for me and my family.
  12. I moved to NZ over 16 years ago, married a Kiwi so didn't have to go through too many hoops to get a residents visa then a Passport after 5 yrs
    I bigged it up so much in another place that Blobby followed me out!
    The cost of housing in the North Island is a joke and after the big Earthquake in ChristChurch it's getting worse down in the South Island.
    Still if you own property in the UK it should see you off to a good start.
    Job wise, as stated, wages are rank compared to the UK.
    Also unless you have skills that the country requires you'll find it very difficult to get residency. Don't get Blobbs started on that one.:wink:
    Crime, compared to the UK, is minimal. Sure Meth (Known as P or Pure Meth in NZ.) is playing a bigger part and it will no doubt get worse, but overall I feel that I and my family are safer here than when we visited Sutton in Surrey (sad i know!) and as for Brighton! Jesus just nuke it.
    The best thing about NZ is the lifestyle, I'm 5-30mins mins, at most, away from great beaches, fishing spots, hill walking areas and as could be expected sports are well catered for. Schools are generally good and our Universities are well respected for both research and teaching.
    The main thing is that you do reasearch how valuable you could be to NZ, the more you bring to the party as it were the better your chances of a successful transistion.
    Good luck to any considering the big jump, if you make it and can 'get over' the differences then you'll probably not regret it.
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  13. moved over in 1982, i love it, live in Omaha great people and a sweet little town. No way i would move back to the u.k.