Mass escape from British Detention Facility in Basrah


BBC News home page are running a 'breaking news' ticker tape that 11 Iraqis have escpaed from the British Detention Facility in Basrah.

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It will be interesting to see a list of names of those who have escaped. There were some nasty f\/ckers in that place!
Call me a bluff old traditionalist........... but it seems the MPS/RP staff who run the joint don't seem to have followed their own procedures! How the F**K can you loose 11 detainees during visits? The mind boggles.
More like Idleness and complacency! How difficult is it to confirm a prisoners ID when collected for visits, search them, ID again before entering visits then the reverse at the end? Visitors go nowhere until every hamster is accounted for. Disgraceful considering the MPS like to think of themselves as custody experts!
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1. Inappropriate humour considering what else has just concluded.

2. Discussion of matters relating to Sy at the location.

This story is breaking guys and no doubt several journalists will be dropping by for an insight. Please bear that in mind before you post.




"Ooops" springs to mind....

Should be a couple of vacancies in AGC (MPS) shortly then.

Hopefully the real nasty blokes held are not among the escapees.


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Marvellous, they can manage to hold blokes in MCTC who are in for serious crimes like AWOL and drunkenness but give ‘em a few pussy cats who are in for minor crimes, such as chopping peoples heads off on Al Jazeera and they loose ‘em.

Never mind, I’m sure the blokes out there wont mind going on a few more arrest ops and facing the associated dangers. Not as if they have owt else to do during their 16h+ days.

The berks.
Hopefully the visitors they swapped will be detained as 'bodies in lieu'.