Mass Effect 3

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Trans-sane, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Downloaded the demo tonight and gave it a quick play-thru. Gameplay seems to be mass effect 2 but character levelling seems to by much closer to mass effect 1, And the graphics are pretty damn stunning. Might have to make the effort of getting back to playing through mass effect 1 and 2 setting things up the way I like :D
  2. I think one of the selling points was that you could transfer your levelled character from ME2.

    It's difficult to know if this is good or will make gameplay more difficult early on.
  3. Xbox or gay station?
  4. Is the demo Kinect enabled?
  5. I have the Collectors Edition on pre-order for PC. Demo was no where near as good as the ME2 demo was but at least it looks like the third won't suck.

    I have several saves I've worked on for the last year to see how various character choices pan out.
  6. Played the multiplayer and single demo, maybe I am spoiled by BF3 but ME3 is slow with a laggy control system and just plain boring!
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  7. PC
  8. Thought you were an apple convert?
  9. I am, just not got round to sorting my self out with regards to PCs/Macs.

    Ive yet to meet or hear from anyone who does a lot of gaming on a Mac.
  10. True the most I have done on a mac is football manager, I am tempted to get Rome total war from the app store.
  11. There's a reason for that ... good as they are in other areas Macs are poor for gaming. Thats not surprising as they've never really been aimed at that market. The locked down hardware choices mean they are not particularly good gaming platforms to start, and upgrading is a nightmare. But if you just want to get shit done without worrying about how you're getting it done they are fantastic. Casual, older games are fine.

    If I decide I need more oomph in my PC I can have the side off and replace the innards at the drop of a hat. If you play a lot of PC games you find yourself doing that a lot. Doing the same to an iMac just isn't possible in the same way. And before all the Mac zealots pop up to defend their obsession, I could - if I had the money - go home and stick a second GTX570 into my box and SLI it. Take me 5 minutes plus maybe 5 more to cable tie up the new wires. Do the same to your iMac, go on .....

    Your best bet for games for Mac is Steam - or so I hear.
  12. I quite liked the demo, I agree the graphics are stunning, gameplay seems a lot like 2. Kind of hoping that the multiplayer is a bit more fleshed out than in the demo though, seems like it could get boring fast.

    Sadly I wont get to carry any saves over unless I go out and get ME2 seeing as my old Xbox got banned.......
  13. Heads Up: GAME's pre-order arrangement with EA has gone tits up. GAME and Game Station can't fulfill their pre-order commitments and won't be stocking ME3. If you pre-ordered it with them, you need to find a new supplier, especially if you pre-ordered the Collectors Edition!
  14. Oh well that's me fucked, I was going to nip to Asda on the Friday morning and get it.
  15. Game group in crisis as supplier pulls plug | The Sun |News|Sun City

    Story here: They also won't be stocking ANY of the new releases for March, including FIFA 13.