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  1. Can anyone help me on this masonic eagle?
    I believe it is something to do with 'Scottish Rite'?
    Silver, not very good pics but would appreciate any info.

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  2. Thank you, is there any collection value to it?
    Bit dissapointed really. thought maybe it was the Hapsburg eagle of the 1st.KDG.
    The sketch was the nearest I got to my eagle, which has hole for banner and sword but missing them.
    Is silver and weighs one ounce and is hallmarked.
  3. Yeah I just noticed the wings are pointing upwards so its not that.

    Not sure exactly what it is, but now im interested to find out!
  4. So, that makes two of us!
  5. I believe it may be the Double Headed Eagle of Lagash, same wings & latin etc

    Clicky Linky Thing
  6. Aha!

    The Double Headed Eagle of Lagash is the symbol for both the 32 and 33 degrees, in America the wings are drooping (like the 33degree one above) but in Canada the wings are uplifted. Thats why all the images I can find have drooping wings!

    However, on closer inspection the 32/33 degree Freemasonry of Canada images all seem to have the eagles legs spread, it does look like the canadian one, but... theres differences.

    To me it looks like a cross breed between the American and Canadian 32degree symbol, with the sword and banner removed. It has the legs of the American but the wings and head of the Canadian. :S
  7. It does have a rather posh gilt crown on my pic, that is why I originally thought it was Austrian.(1st.KDG)
    Is it worth ebaying?
  8. Search for masonic phoenix on Google images. first ever post so not even sure how to create link.
  9. Yes :D All masonic items are highly collectable :D
  10. Especially the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant...oh, sh1t! I've said too much! 8O :wink:
  11. Just don't tell anyone where we've hidden them :wink:
  12. I thought the Ark was in Ethiopia? So if the Masons tell you they've got it they're lying. And will get their tongues cut out. And stuff.
  13. Don't think! you're not paid to :wink:
  14. Don't know about Masonic, but it looks similar to lapel badge of 16 Tank Teansporter Sqn, Polish eagle in memory of their earlier (mso/mctg) staff?