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Are we supposed to be able to see the 'mason' groups stuff on the general Forum. I only ask because I thought members kept their rituals pretty close to their chests.

Asking what type of material is suitable for a new pinny on this site would normally attract a certain amount of flak - not that I'm going to start as I think I'm probably the only male member of my family who's not a member of a lodge.

By the by, I nearly crashed into about 2000 masons spilling out of the hotel next to the Freemasons Hall last night. There must have been a fire alarm as they all looked pretty pissed and were clutching drinks. It was all a bit odd as there appeared to be a 'Rave' happening at the actual Hall.
I actually find it pretty amusing that Smudge is worried about whether to buy a real lambswool pinny or a fake one, and am interested in how that will effect his promotion within his drinking club.
If he's only at the washing up stage I assume he's still got a fair way to go.
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