Masked burglar shot by his own father

Discussion in 'US' started by Tartan_Terrier, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Just saw this on ABC News; a Connecticut man shot and killed what appeared to be a burglar outside his neighbours home, only to find that it was 15 year old son.

    Conn. Man Kills Masked Teen, Learns It's His Son - ABC News

    No idea what the son was up to, but even if he was burgling the neighbours it must be hell for the father having to live with the knowledge that he killed his own son.

  2. If his son was really trying to break into a woman's house with mask and weapon, it ought to be viewed as the Father cleaning up his own mess.
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  3. Stranger still is that the woman in question appears to be the sister of the shooter.
  4. They must like to keep it in the family. Rednecks perhaps?
  5. Inter family rape fantasy game gone wrong?
  6. Firearms for home defense anyone?

    Hopefully he'll have 3 days in the pokey to mull it over.
  7. It's america, people shoot people, move on.
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  8. More likely just ARRSErs.
  9. Police have released a photo of the family involved.
  10. Having seen a picture of the deceased, had he been my son I'd have shot him too.
  11. Oh dear bit of a bugger really. Never mind.
  12. He'll get more than that. I doubt Missouri laws are more strict than Connecticut laws, and in this state you are not permitted to use deadly force to prevent a property crime, and certainly not someone in your yard. If I see someone taking my car in my driveway in the middle of the night, the only thing I can do is call the cops and hope they arrive in time to stop the theft. He will likely wind up doing time for homicide.
  13. Not sure about that. The boy was wearing a mask and threatened him with knife. It appears that the boy had already broken into the aunts home. Boy was adopted, apparently the biological father is in prison and the grandmother could not take care of him. The shooter was the boys schoolteacher and he and the wife adopted him to keep him from going to a care home for kids.

    A sad thing but if a masked man breaks in and threatens with a knife there could be no charges. I used to live in Fairfield County as a kid and New Fairfield is a nice town with a well off population.

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