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  1. Maybe somebody can help me with this.I vaguely recall being told a Sultan during the 19th century punished the inhabitants of the island for piracy.They were not allowed to build permanent homes,and were only allowed very small boats to fish with,so they couldn't reach the mainland of Oman.
    Possibly a good way of dealing with the Somalis!
    Think I was in the Crazy Horse Saloon? (fire section) bar waiting for flight to Cyprus,or I might be hallucinating again :?
  2. This is the Russian way of dealing with Somali pirates

    Pirates may have Perished!

    Maybe every navy in the gulf should use this technique. They'd soon stop it.
  3. I was there 73 - 74 and saw a monument on one of the beaches that recounted how a ship was wrecked and all the crew were killed by the inhabitants of Masirah. Every so often the UK military would help in demolishing any buildings that could be used as fortifacations.
  4. otherwise known as Misery Island, managed to avoid going there in 3 yrs in Oman, everyone who worked on base there was deffo a bit touched as it was so remote. Twas a british ship I was told by an Omani, but never heard the demolish buildings scenario tbh
  5. Shortly after landing there on our way elsewhere in 72, we were given the opportunity to go for a swim in the above-ground pool; something like thirty sweaty bodies leapt in. I placed my new Rolex carefully in my boot at the base of the ladder, jumped in, surfaced, looked over the edge and saw that my watch had been half-inched. That bastard arab must have been capable of doing 100 yards in ten seconds. I now wear Timex.
  6. OH DEAR, HOW SAD, NEVER MIND! As Windsor Davies would say!

  7. lol, he probably flogged it to a mate of yours :)
  8. I passed through once in '73,on way back from Cyprus(BMH).Only spent a night in the place,thank god.However snowdrops were very officious,on departure,for some strange reason.I cannot imagine how bad being posted there,might be.In theory thousands of rounds of 81mm mortar were fired there by 6 men.It helped balance the books in Dhofar!
  9. Ahhh....Masirah...our staging post for Ex Saif Sareea in 86.

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  10. I had the mixed fortune to have a short stay there about 3 weeks after 9/11. The place was absolutely buzzing with US forces and there was not a square inch of apron or dispersal space to be had. It was a crap base, but a very interesting short stay with more exotic and little-known hardware on show than I had seen in my entire service.
  11. Ah. On the return stopover to our trip (above) our CO ('PW') decided that we had far too much in the way of ammunition and that it would be wrong to return it to stores; they'd only store it.

    He therefore ordered a range day, and after everyone had done all the right shooty things and a bit more, it became monotonous, until someone spotted a lone shitehawk at 11 o'clock high. The poor beast then became the most persecuted bird in history (I've little doubt) as every GPMG and rifle in our group took careful aim on it - for some reason there was a huge overload of tracer. If that's what happens to you as a fighter pilot when the Messerschmidts come out to play, I'm glad I joined the military Army.

    Our bloodlust sated, we were lucky to have a WRAF trolley dolly with us on the way back to Brize. The skirt was a bad idea, though. The only way to and from the tailgate was over the central divide.
  12. Do you actually even know someone in the army? I hope your post was a wah, because otherwise either you have a vivid imagination or are going senile.
  13. The Americans used Masirah as a staging post in 1979/80 when they attempted to release the hostages in Tehran.

    The whole operation was a major cock-up and I was told it started on Masirah when two of their transport aircraft nearly collided on the ground. For some reason the approach to the start of the runway crossed it. So at night with full security and no lights, aircraft A was just beginning its take-off when aircraft B crossed in front of it.

    They missed each other by a whisker.
  14. Only went there once enroute from Malta to Ethiopia - don't ask! My biggest and worst memory was of naked RAF types sauntering around a swimming pool.
  15. Spent 9 months there. Army weren't normally there for that length of time but we were seconded to DOE for a ship/shore pipeline. In 9 months I might have done 90 days work! Saved a bucket load of money, got a tan and arrived back in UK just in time for the fantastic summer of '76. Good times.