A Russian general and a septic general meet in a Brussels restaurant and rapidly get engaged in a spot of one-upmanship. You can probably guess who started it, but never mind.
" The American GI is the best-trained soldier in the world. Every GI gets 12 months of rigorous basic training"
" Huh, that is nothing. The Russian squaddie is nails and does 2 years of the permafrost."
" Well, the American fighting man is the best equipped in the world. Every GI carries over 3,000 dollars-worth of equipment on his person"
" Hah. Only 3,000? Every Russian soldier has over 5,000 dollars-worth of equipment when he goes into battle"
"Alright. The American soldier is the best-fed soldier in the world. Every day each GI eats over 8,000 calories"
" Now you lie, Sir. No-one can eat that many potatoes!"

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