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Not sure if this topic lives here but here goes.

Picked up a thread on the Sigs forum ref mascots, got me thinking of stories (either true or false) regarding mascots.

To get the ball rolling I can think of a few off the top of my head.

The Para Reg mascot, Cpl Pegasus (a shetland pony) was busted for crapping on the sqaure during a parade (either AB Day or Colours presentation not sure which).

I also recall him letting rip big time during a parade while in the general salute, queue lots of giggling and wobbly bayonets.

There was a story that some 1 Para lads cut off the beard belonging to a certain Welsh Regiment's goat while they were posted to Aldershot (early 70's), some Taffy's then tried to spray paint Cpl Pegasus but the nasty little ****** kicked out and broke a few bones ;D

Any more folks
Some time in the mid fifties one of the West African Rifles Bns had a ground hornbill (a big bird with a very large bill) as mascot. It was well known for being a bad tempered monster ans once bit through the tyre of the CO's Jaguar (in those days the only Jag in West Africa).

HM was due to visit the Bn and we all know what that means. On the due day the whole Bn paraded, smart as very smart soldiers with much to be smart about, and front and centre was the Hornbill with his handler. Bill and legs oiled and polished, feathers brushed, pipeclayed lanyard the bird was a marvellous site. HM and Phil inspected the boys and stopped to pat the beast on the head. The whole Bn held it's breath but the RSM had had a word with the bird and pointed out several uses for Paxo. Recognising that it was in the prescence of its Sovereign Lady the bird behaved impeccably.

HM returned to her Land Rover to take the salute and was just graciously clambering into the back when the Hornbill looked at the handler and took a huge chunk out of his calf. The handler to his credit stood firm and didn't scream, HM gazed into the distance whilst Phil following the usual pace or two behind lost all his royal composure and his footing and fell into the back of the vehicle.

The handler managed to carry on until after the march past at which time he was rushed into hospital for jabs, stitches and visits from relatives with lots of fruit. The Hornbill was charged and put on half rations for a month.
Late nineties the RRW were in NI whilst back home in Paderborn the RTR were about to celebrate Cambrai day. Just in case the Adjt phoned his wife and had her hide the Goat in her cellar to keep it safe from those black bereted brutes.

I know cos I was there.
Royal Ulster Rifles and South Wales Borderers out in the far east somewhere. Rifleman Wxxxxxxs - gets drunk - finds paint and decides to paint the Welsh Regiment's goat - what colour - yes... GREEN.

The goat apparently dies and a furious CO demands satisfaction which was not forthcomming from CO RUR so a "contract" was put out to "top" the Ulster Rifleman... so back in good old Blighty he is sent and eventually demobbed. Phew everyone thought!

1970 ish the same Rifleman joins the Ulster Defence Regiment in Palace Barracks - what Regt gets sent into NI and to Palace Barracks... The Royal Regiment of Wales who were still looking for revenge... they never got it and the ex RUR & UDR soldier is still around today. Still one up to the Ulstermen.

Ahh those were the days... swing that lantern there!


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Back in the 80's at maindy Barracks Cardiff 3RRW kept there mascot Goat Dewi in a pen behind my units office, we never find out what they exactly used to do with him but he used to spend most parade nights screaming !!! ::)




Excellent dits on that site ;D

The story about the Shetland pony reminded me of what we used to call the little twat that was filling the post when I was in.

He's nickname was Reggy,as in Reggy-the-mental-pony (Regimental Pony).


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HLS I think they breed them (or is it inbreed them) Specially to be that spiteful. Maybe they do there own P-company ? ;D

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