Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins emabarks on a trip to Blackpool for the weekend.
She chooses a cosy little hotel on the sea front. On entering the manager welcomes her and asks if Mary will be staying for dinner that evening.
"Yes I will be good man" she says.
The manager then goes on to explain that there is no set menu but the guests just choose whatever they like and the chef will cook it. Mary tells the manager that she likes cauliflower and cheese and doesn't mind how it's cooked.
Dinner time arrives and the chef has cooked Mary cauliflower cheese with a couple of fried eggs. The cauliflower cheese is delicious and Mary wolfs it down, however the eggs are under cooked and all sloppy and disgusting.
The next morning Mary checks out and the manager tell her to put any comments in the guest book. So Mary writes in the book and leaves.
The manager gets curious and reads what she wrote. It read as follows:
"Super cauliflower cheese dish f*cking eggs atrocious!"

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