Mary had a little.........

Mary had a little lamb,
She took it to the shops.
It strayed into the Butchers,
And he cut it up for chops.

Mary had a little bike,
She rode it back to front.
And every time the wheel went round,
A spoke went up her $%^&.

Mary had a little lamb,
It`s fleece was white as snow.
She took it down a coalmine,
Now look at the damn thing.

Mary had a little lamb,
She also had a bear.
I`ve often seen her little lamb,
But I`ve never seen her bare.

What do you call a sheep tied to a lamp post in Cardiff??

A leisure centre.

A farmer walks into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm and says.....

"This is the Pig I sleep with when you have a headache"

Farmers wife. " I think you will find that`s a sheep".

Farmer. "I was talking to the sheep".

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Mary had a little frog
She kept it in a bucket
Every time the frog jumped out
the dog it tried to.... pick it up and put it back!


Book Reviewer
Mary had a little skirt
It had a slit right up the side
Everytime that she sat down
You could see her thighs.

Mary had another skirt
With a slit right up the front.
She doesn't wear it very often.
There was a young lady of nod
who wanted a baby from god
It wasn't the almighty who went up her nightly
it was the vicar the dirty old sod

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