Marvin the paranoid android and those who copy?

I know there are quite a few HHGTTG fans on here.

I was from the start in 1978 and always though how , original , Douglas Adams was.

However those who like the radio series take a listen to ...

James Follets " Earthesearch II" on radio 4 extra. Anybody think the two androids used by the surviving humans sound , well familiar?

Surprised DA didn't sue his Arrse off.
The book, the radio series and the TV series are all different and with their own qualities stand alone

Perhaps if I had seen the film first I would have liked it, but it was the one I couldn't warm too, perhaps it's just a generational thing
Was in on the radio show whilst at school when listening to anything other than radio 1 (247m) or radio Luxembourg (208m) put you beyond the pale.

The TV series was funny but in a different way, probably because we had a mate who was as depressing as Marvin. Which of course became his nickname.

Never liked the film.
Incredible... it's even worse than I thought it would be.
Now I've got a headache!
This will all end in tears.


The best version in my opinion was released on vinyl LPs. With Peter Jones doing the narration. He had the perfect voice for the job and made it sublimely wonderful listening!
I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed


War Hero
The diodes down my left side are painful....
The diodes down my left side are painful....
You think you've got problems. What are you supposed to do if you are a manically depressed robot? No, don't even bother answering. I'm 50,000 times more intelligent than you and even I don't know the answer
Think of a number, any number
Wrong, you see?
That is because you don't know where your towel is.
I was just about to post about the Pan Galactic Gargleblaster on the "So What Are You Drinking" thread...

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