Martyn Comptons (Household Cav) Mrs.

Damn. That's... Damn. Words fail even a garrulous twat like me.

Good luck to 'em. There's some good in the world after all.
smartascarrots said:
Damn. That's... Damn. Words fail even a garrulous t**t like me.

Good luck to 'em. There's some good in the world after all.

Frankly I don't think anything we could write on here could do justice to such a courageous couple. Good luck and God bless both of them.


Good on them.
Arrse have been following the Comptons for some time:
Lcpl & Mrs Compton
Hayfever season seems to have started early this year. Wholeheartedly agree with SD's suggestion.


Spanish_Dave said:
I read it in the paper, anybody have contact details so they can have a jolly on us

I thought you made an offer last year Dave:
Previous thread
Is it me or has a sandstorm erupted in this thread?? Either that, or I was too close to the Boss when she was cutting the onions tonight.


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I dunno what they have done to the aircon in here but my eyes are streaming.


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Moving story - BTB Did anyone else notice the comment from a former pupil at her school - not all kids are evil chav scum.
Spanish_Dave said:
Nothing happened sadly

As the lad is out now (I think), the best way to get in touch might be through the:

Secretary of the Life Guards Association
Combermere Barracks
St Leonards Road


Words can't really express the courage, endurance and sheer bloody mindedness of the Comptons through their fight for survival.

Good luck to them both, and I hope their life is filled with joy and happiness. :salut:
I think I need to get the hoover out, lots of dust in my house. Best wishes to them both, a wonderful story.
At last. Some good news. Good luck to them. Hope they have a beautiful wonderful full life together.

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