Martine McCutcheon declared bankrupt.


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Classic showbiz bankruptcy, I'd guess.

Gets used to a high income from being one of the stars on Eastenders; leaves show 'to explore other opportunities' and continues to live her former life style. Slowly racks up debts because all the other stuff she's doing doesn't match her Eastender's income and gradually winds up with large interest payment on 'business loans'. Plus, forgets to pay her tax bill.

There'll be a 'business advisor' who made off with large chunks of her income as well.

Next stop Celebrity Big Brother and I'm a Celebrity, Feed Me Kangaroo Testicles.

How do these cunts manage it.
I'm guessing she's earned a few quid over the years, she was in that Love actually movie after eastenders so she must have got paid a pretty penny.

Wordsmith seems to have nailed it.......couldn't stop living like a king even after the gigs stopped coming in.

Fucking amazed I never had to declare myself bankrupt.....closest I came was december 97, I spunked a full months pay on a watch, a red and black ford orion, 8 cans of strongbow and a kebab.

Fucking hell that was a tight month.......I even ate my emergency rations from my beltkit, not cos I was starving mind, I just couldn't be arsed to walk to the scoff house.

.....and yes, I most definately would.....right up the shitter till I hurt myself.
"Her discharge from bankruptcy is set for 2nd January next year and KPMG has been appointed as her trustee."

How does that work - I thought if you were declared bankrupt it was for 5/6 years ?


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