Martin Samuel, again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. The Times

    While I agree with a couple of his sentiment he seems to (once again) be incredibly blind. It is easier for someone to attack our rail system - but they're not attacking the US at the same time, and an explosive on a plane carrying x hundred people at 37,000 feet in theory will cause more injuries with less explosive (due to compression at altitude etc)
    However, he makes good points on profiling which should be employed (but not rigid, as Reid would not have been picked up under profiling, and nor would the western woman who was a suicide bomber in iraq).
    Slightly more thought has gone into this than his previous anti-forces rants (apparently you join the army to kill people and no other reason), but what do arrsers think?

    P.S He's still a sports writer, why do The Times let him contribute to comment?
  2. He is a fat hairy useless prick.
  3. Agree Crabby,some of his comments are very plausible.Mum Dad and the kids going to Orlando are hardly likely to be carrying 2ltres of al q's finest in their hand baggage.As always the great law abiding majority must take it on the chin.But rather them sitting there an extra 2 hours or so than falling screaming from 37,000 ft over southern ireland.

    But like you say some very naive.Agree with the plane v train comment you made.They've done trains already and it made worldwide news,but the effect of blowing up planes in flight full of hundreds of innocence's is a nightmare the world doesn't want to contemplate.I will put up with the delays and queues,bit like Dunkirk i suppose but without the bosche divebombing you.
  4. "But rather them sitting there an extra 2 hours or so than falling screaming from 37,000 ft over southern ireland."

    You imply a direct correlation that them waiting will make it 'safer'. The article argues that the extra measures will do no good if done under a blanket system. By profiling you will put your resources to much better use and effect and thereby be more effective.

    The current system appeals to the British idea of fairplay and treating all equally, but does not mean it is the best way to protect the public.

    That said some of his other ideas are pump, but to discard everything would be naive
  5. Good point about Richard Reid there, crabby. I also wonder if they would have picked up that fella 'Don' who decided six months ago to become Osama McDonald Khan (ok I'm being sarcastic there) and grow one of those stupid little beards. After all, if I changed my religion tomorrow to Scientology, there would be no reflection in the national criminal register or anywhere else.

    I do agree with yer man than HUMINT has to be the key.