Martin McGuinness's nephew is victim in double shooting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

  2. God bless those brave men who fired the shots. I hope they continue to target the family of those in Sinn Fein, as is a legtimate way of voicing your objection.
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  3. Hope it ******* hurt.
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  4. Errrrrr............... they are Sinn Fein in a manner of phrase, just a different branch of the family. House cleaning exercise, no fuss, move along please.
  5. struggling to give a shite as no Humans were involved in this shooting
  6. "The PSNI is the only organisation that should be investigating and dealing with these matters,"

    I bet the sin fein that said that was surpressing the bile. It is not that long ago the RUC were targetted for either execution or their homes being burnt out by these people.
  7. Shame his ******* uncle wasn't visiting at the time.
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  8. He would have been instrumental in authorising the sound bite and clearing the field for PSNI.
  9. It's in Macker's best interests to leave this to PSNI & Gardi to clear up. This incident is the sixth in a recent series of internal feuding. Macker's name has merely highlighted the matter.
  10. "Shot in the leg" = Kneecapped?
  11. We should all be thankfull that it wasn't a real person who was harmed.
  12. Oh deary deary me! It would seem that what goes around, comes around!
  13. Isn't that what the retarded imbreed who microwaved the kitten said?

    On another note, do you reckon marty promised his nephews mum that no harm would come to him?
  14. He probably only got it in the leg because of who his uncle is.
  15. It's a funny old world.
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