Martin McGuinness will lead Iraq peace mission

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbs, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. Martin McGuinness will lead Iraq peace mission

    Daily Telegraph 30 Apr 08

    Just a minute, let me take this plank out of my eye...
  2. Next they'll be expecting us to believe John Prescott had bulimia...
  3. Let's hope he is not kidnapped :)

    If he does go it is entirely possible that McGuinness's security will be provided by those who in the past he sought to kill - what a world we live in!
  4. Both Adams and McGuinness's BG teams were trained by HM forces in the '80's.. Nothing new here.
  5. Wouldnt it be nice if he was to stop an ND!
  6. I think he would look great in an orange boiler suit!!
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    So all AQ will be released under a good monday agreement
    Muktada Al Sader will be given a seat in Parliment
    McGuiness does a deal for the surplus AK's
  8. Well - you can't say he hasn't a clue what it takes to make violent men put away their weapons.

    I can't help wondering what Iraqis will make of him: not least because even the best English speakers among them are going to have fun with that accent of his.

    More seriously, is a man with his (alleged) history the right kind of bloke for this ?

    Shouldn't this be a poll: "Who's the best peacemaker - McGuinness or B'liar?"
  9. especially with some geezer in a tea towel, sawing his neck with a bread knife :twisted:
  10. Thought experiment for any of you who served in the province during the 80s: Imagine yourself back there: picture how you thought and felt about everything; then imagine someone telling you that in 2008, McGobsh1te would be leading an international peace mission.

    So maybe he was working for six in deep cover after all? You couldn't make this stuff up ....
  11. Are old gits who were there in the '70s allowed to join in? :?
  12. I would like to know who will be providing his CP. If it's the Brits then, oh the irony!!
  13. I couldnt think of anyone with better qualifications to talk to the Arabs.

    Expert at stabbing you in the back while shaking your hand and smiling.
    Would sell his own mother for a single sheet of toilet paper.
    Possible kiddy fiddler.

    Sound familiar

    Should feel quite at home with the Camel shaggers
  14. I'm going to offer £10k to the first mad mullah to pop a cap in his ass. An extra 5k will be given based on style, pain and artistic flare. :wink:
  15. After his alleged time in the middle east visiting Iran, Syria, Palestine, Lybia, Lebanon he may well be on family speaking terms with the "Mad Mullahs", so I wouldt hold your breath IMHO.