Martin McGuinness to take Peace to Iraq

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. I wish his effort the very best.


    However, I remain slightly cynical about his motives (and those of Raymond McCartney, who is to go to Erbil
    Quite what they will tell the various factions (or, as is likely, the non-combatant/despairing of the factions), I've no idea. Keep pressuring the Government for release of terrorist prisoners? Give the insurgents all that they want? Bring AQI into Government?

    These two can certainly advise on methods of murder, but I don't think they're particularly well qualified to teach anyone anything in Iraq. I keep wondering exactly they'll tell their audience, and can't get past 'tiocfaidh ar la'...
  2. Any luck McGuninness the tout will be appearing on an islamic website in an orange jump suit sometime in the near future. :D

  3. or just his severed head..................

    Seriously the words "McGuinness" and "Peace" go together like "f*cking" and "chastity" :evil: