Martin McGuinness, Politician?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bernster, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. I see that the dishonourable Mr McGuinness has gone public about the water supply problems over the water. He has apparently said "heads should roll" over the problems. The right man for the job then, I wonder if he will do a bit of torture first.
    Water boarding would seem appropriate!
  2. Shocking thing is he has been more vocal and supportive to affected people than any Unionist politician.
  3. He'll pop a bomb under the water authorities...which would be funny only it/he isn't...
  4. I dont care what he says, he's still a ****.
  5. Maybe because the Unionist politicians appointed the water board or got jobs for their nieces or "nieces" (cough) there.

    I doubt if they would waterboard the Water Board and the Water Board cannot provide enough water to waterboard anyone.

    Note: ALL politicians are *****. Right, left, middle, Orange, Green or Green; ALL of them.
  6. Well said that man!
  7. Count yourselves lucky up North, We're about to get the dubious skills of one G Adams inflicted on us in the South............Any chance you'd keep him.....please.
  8. Do you mean Martin "The Tout" McGuinness?
  9. I wonder if he sometimes thinks of his "economic war" of the early/mid 1970's when he and his organisation set about destroying the property (and lives) of ordinary people in an attempt to bring the British Government to his way of thinking. All that money wasted in compensating those injured and replacing what he destroyed would have gone a long way to improving the infrastructure then and for the future.

    It is not guilt which drives him, much as we might wish that. I have engaged his kind in conversation on this subject in the past and have often been informed that "your" (meaning me and those opposing the Sinn Fein ideal) stubbornness in refusing to accept progress towards the Ireland McGuinness aspires to is the real cause of the cost in lives and materiel.

    I know that certain senior British political figures agreed with this analysis. A considerable number still do.

    Adams may eventually show some contrition, I don't think McGuinness ever will. Petergriffin you may get the lesser of two evils.
  10. For once Knee Capping and Tar & Feathering seem somehow appropriate, a disgraceful shambles.
  11. Oh good.Now we have a tout in the Dial.
  12. Could McGuinness not give us the best of both Worlds and suicide bomb the Waterboard?
  13. tbf the shower of shite in the irish parliment make adams look like a freaking genius :(
  14. well said mate
  15. His continues to spout a torrent of meaningless drivel in order to tap into the gushing members of the press, who would quote the devil in a good light if it meant a headline.

    And i agree he is a cnt* of the first order.