Martin McGuinness life under threat

Can I pay for the ammo, BBC news now rports that the dissident republicans are going to kill poor Martin
aaaahhhhh...what a shame, poor little lamb, freedom fighter my arse.
tropper66 said:
Can I pay for the ammo, BBC news now rports that the dissident republicans are going to kill poor Martin
Would save us some expenses claims for him not attending Parliament I suppose, so its not all bad.
Good. And I hope he is murdered. More than that I want him to know exactly what it feels like to be on the receiving end of IRA terrorism - the terrorism he remain so proud of to this day.
Just getting badly maimed would have some merits. Serious burns,few limbs missing, etc - nothing too drastic, just painful and debilitating would do.
wish theyd hurry up and do it already
Despite his work towards a better peace, how many would actually miss him if he volunteered to test range the entire Black & Decker power tool range.

As must of a coup it would be to dissidents, no bunch should be allowed to get away with murde,r unless the home secretary sings off on it, then it becomes a fatal accident.


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No doubt he's on the phone demanding Special branch and Army protection

Lets hope they get him quick but kill him slowly

Perhaps they can mail video footage to Gerry Adams as a taster
Isn't that a shame! I hope they don't do the romper room thing with him honest!

I like his name though, if you look carefully you can make a lot of it:

Manginess Rim Cu’nt
Naming Misers Cu’nt
Naming Remiss Cu’nt
Main Grimness Cu’nt
Grin Amen Miss Cu’nt
Mean Ring Miss Cu’nt
Me Missing Cu’nt Ran
Rims Me Cu’nt In, Snag

Can anyone detect a theme there?
much as I'd like him to get his just desserts
Don't think we want the troubles reenactment society to get any bigger :cry:
its not like there going to stop at martin is it ?:(


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It would be nice if they had a few near misses first, maybe a little shot passed his head, a couple of IEDs on his route to work, before he is finally slotted.

This way he will know what the receiving end is like. If he is slotted quickly he won't have the time to 'appreciate' the fine details of terror from the other side.

Sorry to the PC brigade if this sounds a bit inhuman.

(bit of a lie there - not sorry at all))

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