Martin McGuineess......What would you have done?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ogri750, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Just back from a pleasant weekend in Rome, which was only sullied by one thing.

    Got to Ciampino airport to check-in, when my wife noticed, in the queue behind us was that piece of shite Martin McGuiness. The cnut was on the same flight as me. I was all for sticking one on his chin there and then, but my wife and our friends eventually persuaded me, that chinning him (although very gratifying), would result in me getting nicked and that smug barsteward creaming it for all it was worth.

    I didn't smack him, but there was was plenty of verbal abuse aimed at him......

    If he had given one larey reply, then nicked or not, my wife, friends or the others accompanying him would not have stopped me sticking one on him.

    You would have thought that Sinn Fein would have had the money for him not to have flown Ryanair, and you would have thought that Ryanair would have had the decency not to have that travel with decent people
  2. He must have been body-guarded. How did they react when you verbally abused him?
  3. One guy in a barbour made sure he was very close to me at all times.......MM said nothing.

    Plenty of others recognised the twat as well
  4. Why give a shit? Seriously why? You demeaned yourself by abusing him and all he would say to a sympathetic media is that he was 'continuing to suffer harassment by the brits including ex brits etc etc’ I know he is a scumbag but you were quite wrong to give a shit. We have all been over the water and many of us have suffered because of his ilk but the war is over and you should have just ignored the t**t. To be honest you have not portrayed yourself well over this incident no matter what the background to the incident and yes he is at best a mass murdering ‘ex’ terrorist so what?
  5. He must be so used to this sort of stuff. Plus, the only reason he's survived this far is there must have been a long-standing private deal at senior levels between republicans and loyalists not to bump each other's leaderships off. Or MM, Paisley and Gerry Adams would be long gone.
  6. Trooper!,

    yeah, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and probably would have been best not to say anything, but, it was vile seeing that smug face without a care in the world
  7. Could have been even more fun if I has seen him at the Vatican. Fecking hypocrital barsteward
  8. 'You would have thought that Sinn Fein would have had the money for him not to have flown Ryanair'

    Something not quite right here - MM, as far as I know, is still a Westminster MP and, in any case, is a minister in the NI parliament. Knowing how our lot fill their boots whenever a jolly is in the offing and the fact that the hated British taxpayer will be picking up the tab, I am VERY surprised that he is not flying 1st class scheduled, unless....
  9. Martin McGuiness is a Brit Army tout.
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  10. Ryaniar Flight 3009 Ciampino to Stanstead 16:35

    There was no preferential treatment for him.....queued with everyone else to check in, to go through security, for the bus to the plane and in the scrum that is Ryanir's seat allocation......

  11. <Points megaphone at nearby Shinners> You heard that, too? It was well known in Armagh in the 90s that he'd tipped us off about some of Slab's boys.

    With any luck, that'll see the bastard offed.

  12. You read the guardian don't you ?

  13. And more power to him for it but he's still a cnut. He's now just a cnut who can't decide what side he's on.
  14. Should have bubbled him to the Airport security. They might have given a deep cavity body search